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Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense 25 May 2011

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Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense 25 May 2011

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 28-May-2011 19:24:02

Benjamin Fulford says that the Japan economy is not in trouble it is in full reconstruction after the tsunami , he is directly involved with the people who orchestrated the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn , Strauss-Kahn was trying to get his hands on the American social security money in order to pay-off the Euro the bailout for Portugal and other countries ..., if Europe have to be bailed out they need to borrow money from the Asians and middle eastern countries , Benjamin says that there are three nuclear bombs missing and that they could be used to perpetrate a nuclear attack in Europe the target could be Basel banking system , the City of London the Vatican or the EU headquarter in Brussels.


Anonymous said...

B.Fulford, 2011/05/24 ......Shinobi63..... // may23 //
The White Dragon Foundation is set to officially start operations, on June 1st. The White Dragon Foundation is set to become a functioning legal entity, on June 1st, according to the lawyer who is handling the application with the Japanese government. The principle philosophy of the foundation, will be to maximize both the amount and variety of life on earth and in the universe. ....... There are three projects the foundation initially wants to get involved with: 1) Use previously suppressed energy technology, to remove salt from sea-water, and turn the deserts green. 2) Increase the flow of nutrients in the oceans, in order to increase bio-mass by at least 10-fold. 3) Transform the military industrial complex, into a space exploration and development complex.
....The collapse of the old world order will continue to accelerate, and there is a very strong possibility of some very nasty incidents of the 911 and 311 variety. Dark Brotherhood sources, say that four nuclear weapons stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk, are not in the hands of any military organization. Of these, one was set off in the sea-bed off of Japan’s coast, triggering the March 11 tsunami. The other three, according to these sources, are somewhere in Europe. They say they may well be set off on June 1st, in an attempt to discredit the White Dragon Foundation, and act as a sort of hail Mary pass, aimed at starting world war 3. Although we have no direct intelligence on what the possible targets are, it is likely the old world order would target their own centers of power (à/a la 911) and blame it on Al CIAda. Thus a good guess for possible targets in Europe, would be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, .....the La Defense governmental district near Paris,..... Vatican City, Milan, EU headquarters in Brussels, and the London City financial district. If any concrete leads emerge, we will publish them immediately. The world’s armed forces, for their part, have reached an understanding that they will not be provoked into destroying the planet, in a nuclear holocaust. ...The Israeli Palestinian situation has been in a deadlock for ever since 1967, and the entire world is sick of hearing about it. Some sort of deal will have to be reached. The Jews will also be asked to rebuild the Temple of the Mount, next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. ......ln the spirit of a planned Worldwide jubilee, the focus will be on truth and reconciliation, and not revenge. It will be interesting to watch “conspiracy theory” transform first into mainstream conspiracy news, and then into history. Secret structures have been put into place, to ensure that never again will the earth be threatened by Satanic forces. [5回] 2011/05/24 (Tue) 未選択 ....... この記事にコメントする For shinobi 62,61,60,59,...etc..... /////

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SOURCE: Free energy emerging. Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction. The conversion of universally accessible vacuum energy (dark energy) into usable thermal, electrical and mechanical energy. An almost non-technical introduction for aspiring dummies. ....(..) More here (03.02.09). More about Quantum Theory, The Quantum Hologram and Zero Point Energy can be found here. There is more about the Casimir effect here and here (pdf - 5 pages) and about the cosmological constant here. And the idea that Cold Fusion harnesses Casimir cavities in skeletal catalysts, is introduced here. The White Dragon Foundation and many other benevolent international organisations will be applying major funding to the development of quantum vacuum energy extraction, and other oil cartel-suppressed technologies in the near future. For more. ..............

Anonymous said...

It's about the end of the fiat system

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 30-May-2011 14:33:54

In Response To: I GET THIS OUT OF IT (afriend)

: Unless this new system is something other then money backed
: all the world over by something other then someones word
: that it has value,it is a total no starter.

My understanding is that the new system involves three major currencies to be precious metals-based, and revaluation of more than a hundred other currencies.

It's the end of the fiat debt-based system. :) You'll note Poof said the Wanta money has been moved into place - where? Into the Treasury, not into the Fed.


Anonymous said...

Fulford update 06/01/2011,
BIS attack cancelled. The intelligence source that told us the BIS was going to be targeted with a nuclear explosion, says the attack has been cancelled, because a $136 million payment was made to the group making the threat. FROM: