Saturday, May 28, 2011

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5-27-2011 Guru TonyTNT 3 calls straight from Bagdad parliement sources...we were within 2 to 3 hours from happening today--meeting in France said go go go...meeting in Iraq between 2 men said no no no...they now agreed...the new prime time best possible days is Wendsday or Thursday next week.

5-27-2011 Guru OKIE Oil ManYou all just need to relax and kick back until Tuesday. Very and I do mean very few details left and will be accompololished over the weekend. Remember me telling you about the political trap? Well – it is nearly completed—nuff said
As I understand it from credible sources it will be a race as to whether the bank of international settlements - - the goi - - the ministry of finance – the prime minister or the US treasury will be the delivery boy of the rate and release date. There were a lot accomplished in last night g-8 meeting in france. The details are private at this moment. Malikis speech can be interoperated 2 different ways - - we'll soon find out which.

5-27-2011 Guru Frankly Speaking (via sargeE8) he informed me that "NO MEETING OR ANNOUNCEMENT" took place that announced an RV...he said to look for the 29th of May to 1 June as your window.

5-27-2011 Guru DinarDaddy I need to emphasize that, IN MY MIND, there IS NO RV until their is absolute proof it has happened....Until I can verify on all the major boards, see it on the CBI website, AND hear from Ali that he as indeed been given verification it has happened, I can NOT believe it...until we see proof everyone needs to remain calm. For me, it’s best NOT to believe it until I can see and verify it.

5-27-2011 Guru TonyTNT The guy who "cashed in" in Dubai who got a receipt but couldn't get money until RV was official got a message from the bank saying his account will be credited with funds after hours it possible? We got calls from banks all day yesterday saying something was supposed to happen...We're all across the board today...hearing things both ways...

5-27-2011 Guru Checkmate Last night was an antrocity to the dinar world...frustrating... Positively did not RV last night...Maliki did speak but did not mean or say that it RVed...Song sources in Iraq say no news on the street...person I personally know is buying billions of dinar today--same change

5-27-2011 Guru Duo TonyTNT & Checkmate We have gotten it from multiple VERY high up "abc" sources and we are 99.9999% certain that Blanche from is NOT TonyTNT's mother...
**** Come on saying I'm your mom? -- and you believed it?-- too funny! I sure hope you both are using better common sense when it comes to the RV investigation :-) Tony you can enjoy your hot dog post RV, but Dan, you've been a naughty boy, You get a bar of LifeBoy to wash the sass and the taste of your foot out of your nice kids and keep up the great work ---mom, I mean Blanche! :-) **** Click to read my open letter to TonyTNT

5-27-2011 Guru Okie_Oil_Man Maliki did officially announce the RV of the dinar at his speech last night, saying it would be one of the premier currencies of the world. Don't know the official rate yet...but said to be "substantially higher" than the Saddam rate...last day in the oil patch. CONGRATS TO US ALL.

5-27-2011 Guru Poppy2 Had to leave the call early last night & wasn't there when the text came in, ...spoke with blaino & I would have made that same call. Blaino is standing by the is from a solid source....lets pray the source feeding the source is accurate.


5-27-2011 Guru Blaino Maliki has spoken. He has stated that today the IQD will be restored to a value higher than before the occupation, and be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. No rate or value was given. He alluded to it (rate) coming out today, Friday in Iraq

5-27-2011 Guru Blaino We are getting some amazing intel...we are watching closely what the morning conference will address in Baghdad. Some quite remarkable stuff has come down...would love to spill every detail, but it might hold things up... Watch the news, examine the details...the truth will make itself known to you.

5-27-2011 Guru Longfellow Just off with Iraq. News conference scheduled for 8 am to announce rising value of dinar. Shabbi & Maliki and several other high ranking officials will be there. Just a little less than 5 hours from now.

5-27-2011 Guru TonyTNT From everything we are aware of that needs to be completed are completed--The systems are ready...lights turning green is all done...could take 5 minutes or 5 days...I don't know when it is going to happen...I was told a time (10 hours ago ) from multiple sources that it was to happen...guess what? It didn't happen...

5-27-2011 Guru Checkmate I'm excited...every Iraq and US source are saying same thing...we are waiting on the final word...all my same sources are saying its going live...but we've heard that all week moving toward a Monday, Wednesday Friday conference call format...


Anonymous said...

.................part1/2.............. Obama Vows War On Saudi Arabia, Orders Thousands Of US Troops, To Region. By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, May 28, 2011.
A stunning report from the G8 Summit, states that President Medvedev has been told that the American regime leader Barack Obama [photo top left] intends to unleash a “summer war” on Saudi Arabia, to capture their oil fields, .....and has ordered thousands more US Troops to the region, to launch it. According to this report, Obama this past week ordered his Defense Department to “pre-position” over 7,170 combat-hardened US Soldiers in southern Iraq, to prepare for the invasion of Saudi Arabia, in a blatant disregard of the American pledge, to withdrawal all of their, by January 2012.
So enraged were the Iraqi people when hearing of Obama’s betrayal, that tens-of-thousands of them began a mass protest demanding the Americans leave, but was met with US commander Major General Jeffrey Buchanan slamming the protest march, by calling this peaceful protest “an affront to Iraq’s democracy.” Even worse for the US, this report continues, was the powerful Iraqi cleric and militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr threatening to unleash his forces upon the Americans, unless they begin leaving his country, as soon as practical, but which, with Obama’s planned new war against Saudi Arabia, is now not going to happen. Unnerving Obama, this report says, is the new Arab Alliance the Saudi’s are creating to make war against Iran, and which includes the largest Muslim nation in the world Indonesia, and America’s newest enemy, Pakistan.The new Arab Alliance, all Sunni Muslim ruled nations, being created by Saudi Arabia through their Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) launched their first attack against their Persian Shiite foes in Bahrain, where Saudi and Pakistani troops, unleashed one of the most brutal crackdowns ever seen, in a region used to such actions, even to include the mass destruction of holy sites. Saudi Arabia’s anger at Obama, stems from the Americans refusal to support the deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, who now languishes in prison with his two sons, under threat of death by firing squad, for his ordering the killing of unarmed protesters. As we have reported on many times, including our March 4th report “Obama Warned Is Preparing World For Return Of “The Moon God”, the Americas have vowed to protect Iran ‘at all costs’, and since 2001 have fought two wars to defeat .....the Persian Shiite’s nations most feared opponents, the Bathist led Iraq and Taliban led Afghanistan. Obama’s main strategy, this report continues, is to secure all of the Middle East’s vast oil reserves of which SaudiArabia has the most of, but which are now threatened, should the Saudi’s succeed in launching an attack on Iran with their GCC allies, which would turn the whole Gulf region, into an infernal of ‘unimaginable proportions’ and plunge the entire world, into an economic depression, the likes of which have never been seen. Fueling Obama’s fears even more, this report further says, are that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons would be used in this conflict, and which the Americans have now lost their ability to monitor, after being ordered out of the country, as tensions between these two former allies, escalate by the day. .....(....)

Anonymous said...

..............part2..............To the American peoples ability to stop Obama’s new war against Saudi Arabia, there appears to be no hope, especially after his refusal yesterday, to allow a truce in the illegal Libyan war he started over two months ago, by lying to his own citizens, saying it would only last “days, not weeks.” Most ominous, for the American people at least, in this report further warning that the parallels between the United States today, and Nazi Germany of last century, are becoming too similar to ignore, especially when viewed in the light that both of these nations wars were started, because they lacked the oil resources, to sustain their global economic and military might. Evidence that America is fast falling into fascist tyranny could, literally, fill hundreds of volumes, and made even worse, this after Obama followed Bush in allowing the unlimited powers of surveillance of US citizens, and ordered his government lawyers to review all prayers said at the burial of US war veterans, to make sure the name of Jesus was removed.......// //. To the worse horrors to come, and as we had warned about in our May 4th report “US Tells Russia That Time For “Apocalypse Equation” Is Now”, the American people remain blissfully ignorant, but one has no doubt that .....when these deluded people see that their “American Dream” is, in fact, an “American Nightmare”, .....the facing of their “new reality”, will be more, than they can bear. May God have mercy on them all. © May 28, 2011 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. FROM: //////////////////////////// **** 5-28-2011 Guru Nighthk11, Maliki gave out specific info concerning the revaluation of the that had everyone in a feeding frenzy, is correct...however, the misinterpretation of "hours" was given...really means days...the value will be will be quick, without warning & very deliberate...I am looking for something this weekend & early next week, but it is done, or Maliki would not have given those statements. 5-28-2011 Guru Blaino, It appears that that we will be seeing the rate, more like Sunday morning...the ability to begin some cash in stuff next Week, maybeTuesday! **** From: ...