Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Operation Compassion Info Update 5/3/11

Operation Compassion Info Update 5/3/11

This is to inform everyone what is happening behind the scenes per OP Compassion and the NEEDS folks. In this month of May the followed WILL be in done –

Business Matters

1) The new Blog Sites located on numerous servers around the world.

2) The new Web Sites also located globally

3) New Databases located globally

4) Finalization of the Corp Registrations with the Angels as the owners

5) Finalization of the Funding Trust registrations

6) Corp Registrations for Business Type (Charity) and the appropriate business licenses.

7) Establishment of multiple banking accounts to support the operations and the gifting

8) Registrations of logos, tradenames, corp names and internet addresses

OPC Angels

9) Payback in full of all past salaries owed. This should not take more than a few days after the funds are rec’d from the dinar cash-in.

10) Completion of all consultant agreements under the auspices of the new corp.

11) A payroll pay card working with all 5/3rd bank for all consultants

12) Complete benefit program established for comprehensive health coverage for all the consultants. This will include medical, dental, eye and life insurance – fully paid by OPC.

Needs Funds Distributions

13) An initial “Keep Away The Wolves” gifting has been established of 10K $USD for those requiring immediate assistance. The Initial 1st day of dinar cash in will see numerous disbursements of cashier checks for these folks. And to be followed day by day by more.

14) Once the Dinar Cash In funds arrive in big quantities --- NEEDS FOLKS per each grouping will be serviced.

15) Then the Non Disclosure Period ends on Prosperity Funds, CMKX Gifting and the Global Settlements -----Donations can be made legally and OPC is now fully operational. Our mandate is Compassion to the Needy.

John MacHaffie 5/3/11


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yes, Thank you John to you and the team who have tirelessly wanted this and worked for it for everyone!

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Thank you, John for all you do for everybody.

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Thank you and God SPEED!