Friday, May 6, 2011



Melbourn, Florida


May 4, 2011

There is coming a churning in the land, a twisting and a turning, and those who are not born of Me will be able to withstand this change. For the enemy is going about broadcasting an arena of lies with a twisted perception, and those who don't have their minds covered with the power of My blood will be able to recognize this counterfeit and be able to resist this arena of lies. For legions upon legions of demonic hosts are being loosed this moment to try to snatch away even those I gave My life for who do not yet know Me. So I am calling My troops to the front lines of battle to let out a war cry to be able to pull down these demonic hosts, to let out a war cry which is really the actual travail of My heart for the lost.

I am calling you now to stand in the gap to fight for the lives of those who are innocently being led to the slaughter which the outcome is eternal damnation. Even though I gave My life for the lost I need you to do the battle for their souls at this time. So I am calling you and admonishing you to quench not My spirit and do not grieve Me when I call you to come in command to My orders. For if you are slack to obey, you can lose out on a precious soul. Do not be conscious about your appearing foolish. What does it matter if in the long run you save a soul?

So be tuned in every moment. Be on call for you will never know when I will need you to step in and do battle for those I died for. I know who will line up to My marching orders and those who are faithful to My command. Great reward goes out to My remnant and great grace and strength. So be present in Spirit at all times. Be ready and available for this is the day of the great churning, a great shaking, and those who are not accountable will be lost in the flood.....this flood of lies and deception that is being poured out this very hour.

So beware of the counterfeit. Stand behind your shield of faith, covered with your armor of Light, and My glory will surely blind the enemy, and My love will surely defeat the enemy. Let out your war cry of love for the lost, and this in itself will pull down the enemy's strongholds. Be ready in battle!

Stay clear of the snare of the enemy to get you tripped up in areas of counterfeit worship and deception for this is only coming from the distractions of the enemy to get your eyes off what is really important in this hour. He's only trying to get you tangled up in debating spirits of manipulation and control. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Be filled with My grace and truth and march on!

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Anonymous said...

Seems there are two competing forces on this website. One that shows humility, humbleness and service to others from this message, and the other from Salusa and the Galactic Federation of Light. The GFL seems to never acknowlegdge Jesus at all, only "light beings".

Doesn't the bible say to beware of the Devil pretending to be an angel of light?

Who has been proven for two-thousand years? I'll go with Jesus. The bible never mentions the GFL at all. Why not? Probably for a very good reason.