Monday, May 9, 2011


Found on an Skype Dinar Room

There is so much information on this following site, that I'm just posting Link. Scroll through it and read what catches your eyes. So much is going to be exposed to shock the masses. Way more so than the faked "Death" of the Wax museum type photo of Osama.

David Wilcock report

Excerpt from the end:


It takes a lot to get someone to offer their own life and risk the most hideous, prolonged torture.

What better incentive can you offer than to keep the ultimate "rock star" of terrorism alive? The Greatest Devil the West Has Ever Known -- a Freedom Fighter now there to be their friend, teacher and father figure?

This makes perfect sense from the negative elite's perspective. They love to be behind the scenes, treating people as completely expendable, pitiful and worthless -- and enjoying the sarcastic pleasure of tricking them on the most profound levels possible.

By keeping Bin Laden alive, they could create an army of Useful Fools. All these people are actually doing the dirtiest of dirty jobs for the very group they hate the most -- and they are totally clueless!

Every time they blow themselves up, they generate even more money for their hidden masters -- by keeping oil prices high.

It's sick. It's sarcastic. And it's exactly how the negative elite love to work. They love to have things going on that are so odious, so treasonous, so revolting that no one will believe it even after they find it -- because it's just too repulsive.

The real question we all need to ask ourselves, in my opinion, is why we are being confronted with these thoughtforms -- over and over again? What in us is causing this 'mirror' to appear out there in the world?


I do believe Bin Laden's apparent assassination has shocked the insider world, based on what I've heard and how it resonates with my own internal BS-meter.

These insiders do not like Obama. Not one bit. There is no point in arguing with them, and I don't. Their opinions are too entrenched. I just listen to what they have to say and make up my own mind about what I choose to believe.

The insiders did not want to give Obama anything whatsoever that would inspire the public to like him. Not a single shred of good news -- and certainly nothing like this. They work overtime to keep the hate as high and as violent as posisble.

I've been hearing all kinds of stories about how they wanted him to get thrown out over the birth certificate issue, or assassinated, or have an untimely 'accident,' et cetera. They've even worked an Obama assassination into The Event, as the next article will reveal.


The whole game is for you to hate the president.

If you do hate the president, you're exactly where they want you to be.

All your energy is directed on one target, one focal-point, who can easily be killed, sidelined or voted out of office.

More importantly, you hate. You engage in it. You live in it. You feel it. You obsess on it.

Hate is your life, your passion and your focus. It's your campaign -- and you need everyone to agree with you because you are so outraged.

Guess what? You are right where they want you to be. You are a perfect product of your conditioning. You are doing your job as a foot-soldier for the elite.

They do things to make you mad... so that you will be mad. That's the whole point.

You are actively maintaining the very state of consciousness that ensures we will need further death and destruction offered to us before we will awaken to loving-kindness -- as a planet.


The real issue is not politics. It's not who is in office. It's how each of us choose to think and feel about ourselves, and how we in turn treat others.

Disclosure is ultimately about discovering that we are at a very early stage of human evolution -- and are being inspired to push to the next level.

If you want to evolve to a higher spiritual level, you have only two options:

1. You can shoot for 95-percent service to self. This is impossible to achieve without raping, torturing and killing people on a mass level. If you don't have the stomach for that, you are wasting your time by doing anything negative.

2. You can shoot for 51-percent-or-more of service to others -- which involves being compassionate, friendly and supportive.

This is actually far more difficult than the negative path, in many ways -- because it necessitates that your own Ego -- the identity you have enjoyed your entire life -- will be humiliated, crucified and completely destroyed... to pave the way for a greater manifestation of who you really are.

Those are your choices. It's all spelled out in the Law of One series. If you choose the negative path, you're going to have to balance it out in later lifetimes and go positive anyway -- so you save yourself a lot more time by doing it now.

51 percent is the minimum you need to graduate -- but obviously the farther you go, the closer you are to re-aligning with your true essence.


It is possible to become a true pillar of strength and a beacon of light for others. It is possible to make contact with your Higher Self, discover your greatest Purpose and embody that creativity and inspiration in everything you think, see and do.

To liberate yourself from fear is to embrace truth. To embrace love. To embrace Identity -- in the greatest sense.

So I leave you with these questions:

Who are you?

Do you have enough courage -- enough trust -- enough faith -- to become who you really are -- by maintaining a positive, loving, supportive attitude towards yourself and others?

Are you aware that your ego -- your personality self -- is being utterly crucified? Is it clear to you, yet, that your ego cannot possibly survive this ordeal?

Do you understand what may be in store for you if you stop fighting the inevitable -- and allow that shell you built around your heart to break open?

Can you see love where others only see hate? Are you a beacon of hope for others -- who are not yet capable of understanding that they are being crucified, or that anything positive could ever come from all of this?

Are you creating your own Ascension, right now, by the state of consciousness you choose to maintain in your life?

Think about it -- and we'll talk soon.


Anonymous said...

I believe David Wilcock is a disinfo agent for the cabal. He says Obama is a light worker. (Maybe satans lightworker). He does not address the fact that Obama broke ALL his campaign promises and is still sending our young brothers and sisters to die in wars for oil. He has ridden the gravy train of Edgar Cayce all the way to the bank fooling gullable people.

Anonymous said...

The insiders??? Obama has surrounded himself with insiders. Just who is the writer referring to, then?? What BS!!! David is right about ONE thing...this is not about politics. It is about upholding the know, like not allowing a fraudulent, treasonous criminal sit in the WH and destroy our nation with his hate of the American way. Politics has nothing to do with it. It has to do with MORALITY. Talk about "ascending" to a higher level but ignoring fraud, identity theft, forgery, and deception is not only sick, it's evil.

Anonymous said...

John, Now that is very powerful, very intriguing ... that is positive energy at its best, and the answer can only be answered from deep within. I am going to post that to my friends, thanks for a perspective I would never have questioned about me

Anonymous said...

One more thing...this is all about SELF. Me, myself and I, my ego, how I think about "myself", how I feel about myself, my strength, my deification, my, my, my... This is neither "spiritual", nor Godly. It's deception personified.

Anonymous said...

David sends out a message that is in contradiction with the mass propaganda fear base attempts to keep us in fear . The message is very simple, face your fear with love and you become fearless. This world is changing fast wanted or not now what is your thought creating?

In Lak'ech