Sunday, May 15, 2011

US Bush syndicate interferes with lawful distribution of World Global Settlement

Sunday, May 15, 2011
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US Bush syndicate interferes with lawful distribution of World Global Settlement Funds and US Dollar Refunding Project. Leon Panetta illegally disrupts Lindell H Bonney's due process of economic delivery.
The text of an associated letter from US lawyer Al Clifton Hodges can be read here (12.05.11). This letter has been copied to Michael C Cottrell and to the Heads of State in the UK, France and China. Cottrell is in charge of the US Dollar Refunding Project which has in excess of $10 trillion allocated to it. This project will probably now have to be managed from London. Other germane Clifton Hodges letters are archived here.

Lindell H Bonney is the head signatory, paymaster and Trustee of The World Global Settlement Funds. He also acts in these matters for British Intelligence. The World Global Settlement Funds should not be confused with the SG World Trust. The World Global Settlement Funds have in excess of $47 trillion to disburse to 140 nations across the globe. The SG World Trust is much bigger, and older, than this.

Following the opening of Pandora's Suitcase by the international mainstream media, the SG World Trust monies will be released and will permanently change human civilisation in every money-related way. This will include the permanent cancellation of all personal, corporate and national debt.

The Constitutionally illegal Washington DC private corporation (including the White House, the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board) is doing everything it can to prevent disbursement of the global refunding and prosperity monies. This is because their distribution will end the corrupt fiat-paper capitalist system which the Washington cabal relies on. This decadent monetary system will be replaced with new precious metals-backed and internationally-recognised currencies.

One of the counters in live play in this end-time financial meltdown is a $47 trillion Lien against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board taken out by élite monetary interests in the UK and China. More here (14.12.09).

Gold vs US Dollar - August 2010 to May 2011 (chart)

Return to gold standard by US in next five years now seen as likely
A return to the gold standard by the United States within the next five years now seems likely, because that move would help the nation solve a variety of economic, fiscal, and monetary ills, Steve Forbes has predicted. “What seems astonishing today could become conventional wisdom in a short period of time.”

Such a move would help to stabilise the value of the dollar, restore confidence among international investors in US government bonds, and discourage reckless federal spending.

The US used gold as the basis for valuing the US dollar successfully for 180 years before President Richard Nixon embarked upon the reckless experiment to end the practice in the 1970s.

If the gold standard had been in place in recent years, the value of the US dollar would not have weakened as it has and excessive federal spending would have been curbed. The constantly changing value of the US dollar leads to marketplace uncertainty and consequently spurs speculation in commodity investing as a hedge against inflation. People know that something is wrong with the dollar. You cannot trash your money without repercussions.

The only probable 2012 US presidential candidate who has championed a return to the gold standard so far is Ron Paul (Republican -Texas). But the idea makes too much sense not to gain popularity as the US economy struggles to create jobs, recover from a housing bubble induced by the Federal Reserve’s easy-money policies, stop rising gasoline prices, and restore fiscal responsibility to US government’s budget.

With a stable currency, it is much harder for governments to borrow excessively. Without the lax Federal Reserve System monetary policies which led to the printing of too much money, the US housing bubble would not have been nearly as severe.

When it comes to exchange rates and monetary policy, people often don’t grasp what is at stake for the economy. By restoring the gold standard, the United States would shift away from less responsible policies and toward a stronger dollar and a stronger America. If the dollar was as good as gold, other countries would want to buy it.


Anonymous said...

Tom Heneghan: Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Update The Strauss-Kahn Honeytrap
More on the Bin Laden Psyop, Part 1 of 2, ......Michael Cottrell, a former stooge of Christopher Story aka Edward Harle, is attempting to, once again, misuse the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, all marked up in derivatives, to engage in an illegal attempt to proceed with a U.S. dollar refunding project that Cottrell, daddy Bush (George Herbert Walker Bush) and the Queen of England, have NO authority from the IMF to conduct. ... make no mistake, folks. Christopher Story aka Edward Harle is NOT dead. He is hard at work, in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, working for his master, Her Majesty the Queen, and the aforementioned daddy Bush stooge, Michael Cottrell, to STEAL U.S., French and Chinese Taxpayers' money. Click to view Cottrell's attempt at criminal duplication: It's interesting... suddenly, Cottrell is being paid for World Global Funds (up until last week, Hodges was going to have him paid for being a CMKX investor)...... This is a perfect example of what Christopher Story (deceased pseudonym) and Edward Harle (the real thing and not a pseudonym -- who is still among the living) described as "Duplication." Cottrell is trying to "obfuscate" through duplicitous behavior, his right to be paid monies owed to others. He is trying to duplicate a real transaction -- the funds owed to Ambassador Lee/Leo Wanta by the government -- by inserting himself into the "waiting line" for World Global Funds and CMKX -- which will be taken from the $23 trillion stolen from the Ambassador, at the time "they" agreed to give him $4.5 trillion of the $27.5 trillion he amassed by serving his country honorably and at the behest of President Reagan. Amazing how this one guy, Michael Cottrell, can be in line for the trillions to be distributed, isn't it? First he says he's entitled to the Ambassador's money, then CMKX money, now World Global Fund payment. ....// The Protocol funds were then, once again, illegally transferred and misdirected to a joint U.S. CIA-British MI6 proprietary account, at Barclays Bank in England.This account also involved the idemnification and insurance policy linked to U.S. government employee and CIA asset and 9/11 patsy Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman.The account was frozen after 9/11 by the Bush Administration; it could not be UN-frozen until Osama bin Laden was declared dead.The idemnification clause tied to bin Laden, had a 10-year statute of limitation clause. Most of the life insurance policies issued by Lloyd's of London, are collateralized by Barclays Bank.
Reference: We now see, folks, why they needed to keep Osama bin Laden alive for the past ten (10) years....// the timing of the bin Laden psyop.... allowed the New World Order (NWO) elite, to UN-freeze the aforementioned account at Barclays Bank, and then use the $1.5 TRILLION of Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, to engage in illegal trading activity, which had the result of bailing out J. P. Morgan, which faced financial decapitation based on short derivative precious metal and commodity contracts, that J. P. Morgan could not make delivery on.....// this bin Laden psyop, allowed the New World Order élite, to pull off the largest insider trading scam and ponzi scheme, in history.

Anonymous said...

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Shuttle Endeavor’s official mission is to haul a deliberately-mislabeled "Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer" (AMS-02) to the International Space Station, and install it. NASA claims that the AMS-02 is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector. In actuality the AMS-02 is an advanced extreme-energy neutral-particle-beam space weapon, intended to shoot down Star Visitor craft (UFOs). And instead of the International Space Station, Shuttle Endeavor will deliver the AMS-02 Star Wars weapon, to a secret military space station, also in orbit....... the fifth crew member, Gregory E. Chamitoff, is a Cabal operative infiltrated within the Shuttle crew. And his Cabal assignment, is to stay behind on the secret military space station to hook up the AMS-02 weapon system, so it is operationally ready to fire. His additional reason for remaining on the military space station, is also so that he won’t be killed, when the Endeavor is set to explode.
After its two-week mission is over, during which Shuttle Endeavor transfers from the military space station to the International Space Station to deliver supplies there, when Endeavor starts to reenter the atmosphere to return home, the Cabal plan to remotely activate Shuttle equipment they sabotaged to cause the Endeavor to "malfunction" and explode into pieces. The Cabal's reason for destroying the Shuttle is because they don't trust Commander Kelly not to tell his wife afterwards .....The Cabal are afraid that Gabby Giffords is not sufficiently recovered from bullet-induced brain trauma, and thus she might not have the mental control not to tell someone .....Thus the Cabal feel the "need" to kill the entire crew, in order to keep Mark Kelly's mouth shut, and thus Gabby’s also. Ruthless? That's the Cabal's middle name.
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Anonymous said...

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Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney, AU: 1 am Tuesday
If you cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can and psychically "jump" forward or backward in time by intention to join up with the Joint Psychic Exercise in progress.
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Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
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Secret Alpha Command Omnia LUX Lodge. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
[UFOFacts] Announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise May 16 to deactivate the Cabal's AMS-02 Star Wars Orbital Anti-UFO Weapon. .. From: DrBoylan To:;; ///

Anonymous said...

it has been profecied in the bible that time will come that this world will come to an end and Jesus Christ will rule the universe sith love.