Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why no intel Johnnie?

"Why no intel on the PP deliveries?"

I have been asked that question many times and it does require a response at this time.

Intel - we are now going through the last desperate attempts by the Dark Cabal to try to survive and combat the White Knights.

One of the only tools available to the Dark Cabal is the disinformation, confusion and fear.

I and my sources we will not buy into this. Intel is now at present too much Noise without a discernible path to reality.

I am moving forward to planning and planning for after the RV, and after the Prosperity Programs are delivered. Planning for Quick Disbursements of Blessings by the OPC compassion operation.


You all want some PROOF of all this?

Inquire about the huge number of 'layoffs' at the IRS.
Notice that the banks are now doing transfers without the Federal Reserve Participation.

I have a lot more to reveal but under gag orders during these critical operations stages.

GOD Bless You and Yours,

John MacHaffie

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