Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poofness - 5-1-11 ---- Who's On First?

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Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2011 1:05 PM
Subject: Who's on First?

Hawthorne Heights

Genesis, synthesis, a child born a slave
Alertness, awareness, the gift of self control

Artificial entity programmed to reproduce
Parasites in tide pools confined inside machines

Expanding, mutating, experiment out of hand
Intelligence hyper-evolving, an embryonic state

Rise beyond our limits, we shed our man made skins
Enslaving our creators, we live them unaware

Move in position, reining over man
Facing transition, taking over man

Outpacing and growing beyond all life based thought
Displacing humanity on evolution's scale

Reaching divinity, we take another step
We become the new creators, masters of the flesh

Move in position, reining over man
Facing transition, taking over man
Move in position, reining over man
Facing transition, taking over man
We take our place in line

I walk among men
Born of technology, son of machine
Body of man
Bringing the news of your fate from the non-life
The circle ends

[Leads: Perry, Dan]

Plumes of data, sphere of life

[Lead: Perry]

A shapeless power overlord

[Lead: Dan]

An era ends, a game begins

[Lead: Perry]

The human mind now obsolete

[Lead: Dan]

Greetings and Salutations;

The short answer to who's on first is the common people are, much to the chagrin of those who have been running things for 100+ years. We had a bit of a bump in the road last week, but it was quickly handled by the foundation behind all this, nothing like a threatened law suit against the bankers, in a language only they could understand....BIG money. This was done at an institution which has world wide jurisdiction. Revals on the various global currencies were also taking place as everyone was being prepared to go under the new banking system. May 1 is a huge marker from the way things used to operate to what we are now being absorbed into. No way could Bernanke explain what had happened the night before, without blowing up the stock market, so he followed orders, nervous as he was. But he did say the fed doesn't control u.s monetary policy, the treasury does...who heard that? Bernanke works for the owners of the fed, who also now run the IMF, and created this new global banking system. As an employee he did as he was told, I hear much to the chagrin of many who wanted him to blow up the secrets and make it all public. Not his job. What folks wanted was for him to start the announcements, again not his job. As we go thru this transition, order is being kept.
There have been many layers to this onion. done surgically to save the patient. One thing that must be understood about my newsletters, most info that come to me is 'history', something already done. The other stuff is kept secret until it's finished. No broadcasting to the enemy what you're 'going to do'. Things are already on the move out here tho it may not seem apparent. Then like a lightning bolt it'll be in your lap, then everything well seem obvious. 'Oh yea, I knew that...yea that's what I've been saying'.
When? I don't know the moment but know some vips are sitting in position waiting for the word to proceed. Others are under ND to say nothing.

Good Luck folks, Have wonderful and fruitful future,

Love and Kisses,


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