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Message from SaLuSa for 11 May 2011

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Message from SaLuSa for 11 May 2011

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Date: Wednesday, 11-May-2011 17:33:52

Message from SaLuSa for 11 May 2011

SaLuSa 11-May-2011

The Galactic Federation is becoming more active all around your world, but even if you were aware of it you would not necessarily know the reasons for it. There are certain issues that concern your safety, but we are not at liberty to give you much in the way of details. For a long time we have so to say, cleared up the mess left by the dark Forces, who set out to disrupt and cause the maximum amount of trouble. This has been particularly evident in the last few years when they stepped up their activities. The bigger problems are such that we have relied upon our allies to help tackle them, and they have centred around the money markets and the Petroleum Industry. We have had to break down the controls that have brought about exactly what the Illuminati have desired, to give them absolute command of the key markets. Through their manipulation and dictates over oil prices, they have grown immensely wealthy whilst what you often call the “ordinary people” have had to foot the bill. It has not been easy in response to refrain from overstepping our authority, but there have always been boundaries that we have had to maintain. It comes back to karma and experiencing your creations so that you learn the consequence of your actions. We cannot just step in and prevent them but we can often lessen the impact upon you.

We find that the world is dividing into groups that have common interests, and in some ways that is the best approach to bring some degree of stability. Ultimately, when it is seen that you are One, there will be then be a strong desire to work as One having realised that it is the way forward. Competition such as you have now will be replaced by cooperation, and people’s energy will go towards positive functions in the interests of all people. On a spiritual level there will also be a coming together in understanding, as where strong beliefs were held these will be opened up to sensible discussion and changes if necessary. Eventually only that which is of the truth will remain, and by then Mankind will have learnt the lessons resulting from separateness. Your objective all along was to rise up out of it, and create harmony and balance through being able to adopt the principle of Unconditional Love. The sooner you can begin to live your life that way, the quicker you will reach the higher dimensions.

After many lives and countless experiences you have grown in stature and spiritual awareness. So now you stand at the door of opportunity, as Ascension draws closer offering you the chance to leave duality behind. As the purpose of life becomes clear, you will find it much easier to cut your ties to the material world. In the higher levels there is nothing that you will want for, and your needs will be nowhere as big as when on Earth. Yet you will enjoy all of the comforts you could possibly think of, surrounded by absolute beauty and spectacular colours some of which are presently unseen on Earth. Your creative power will enable you to create for your own pleasure and also for the general benefit of all souls. Nothing is owned in the sense of ownership as you have now, and all is shared without exception.

Time on Earth continues to fly by and you will be entering the final year of duality very soon. It promises to be most interesting and exciting as you will be working for a future that is assured, and one that can no longer be interfered with by the dark Ones. Yes, they will still be around, but exiled so that you can go speeding towards Ascension. We will have shown ourselves and all become involved in the need to prepare both yourselves and Mother Earth for it. To add to your joy and excitement your ancient ancestors will surface from the Inner Earth, as they too have a part to play in the end times. It will be hard to keep up with the rapid developments, but you will be well informed by our allies and us. The nightmare is ending and the dream is manifesting that will finally take you into the Golden Age.

Keep a positive outlook and remain centred at all times, and you will be untouched by the outer events. Walk through them knowing that you are already a Starseed, and a strong Being of power and purpose working in the Light. You will help others by doing so and your own levels of consciousness will increase exponentially. Each of you is unique and together you are a formidable power for good. Allow others to follow their specific beliefs and if they are not in alignment with the truth, they will soon find their answers. We ourselves will be making sure that the truth is revealed regarding any matter that is important to your evolution. It should bring people together more quickly who can then help each other to understand it.

The end of the cycle of duality must take place, and providing the Earth is protected and ascends it is not too important as to how it is achieved. However, there are many aspects that must reach a conclusion, and be cleared away to accommodate the new paradigm. The biggest change must fulfil the call for world peace, and removal of the Illuminati’s power and influence can only be established with our help. It shall happen and is not too far away from taking place. Already their removal is being negotiated and eventually there will be no other way out for them. They remain defiant but circumstances will seriously deplete their resources, including access to the enormous wealth they have acquired. They are like past dictators who have inevitably believed that they were invincible, and that is their Achilles Heel. They have fallen at the last hurdle and can no longer control matters as they would like. The people have for example awoken to what has been taking place, and their resistance to the dark Ones is helping stop their progress.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can inform you that you are getting closer to some major happenings, that will commence the final stage in the process of Ascension. Your long wait is soon to be rewarded, and if you are observant you may see the signs of it happening. Our presence in your skies continues to increase, but what is not so readily apparent is the progress we are making upon the Earth. We have controlled the outcome of the earthquake in Japan, and radiation from the damaged Reactors has been kept to lower levels that do not pose a major threat. We also continue to avoid confrontation with the dark Forces, who seek to cause an incident that can place us in a bad light. That shall not happen, and we shall reveal their plan if they try to engage us. Be assured that the Galactic Federation is on alert and acting on your behalf.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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