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Casper - May 30 Opinion

Note Notice - 'discernment is advised' by Hobie --- hmmmmm


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Date: Monday, 30-May-2011 20:39:25

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Hi, Folks -

Received from Wendy via e-mail - discernment is advised:


What could be more depressing than writing about the rape and pillaging of the American people and their country by the Bankers and the Traitors in Congress who made it all possible?

I will tell you what.

The realization that the people have no idea what is being done to them, even as it happens, as they have not the aptitude for it, they don’t understand it, hence their apathy becomes paralysis as those they elected to protect them from the Savages led by THE FED, turn out to be no more expensive to the Bankers than a bag of hard rock candy from the local five and dime.

It’s not, IMO, that the people don’t care.

It’s that they don’t understand.

They can not comprehend the magnitude of what has already been done much less the resulting cost in terms of their living standards.

The Bailout of the Bankers existing Fraudulent Fiat Financial Playpen, estimated at 12.3 Trillion Dollars so far, rewarded the very same Financial Criminals who had already ‘LOOTED’ the system using hocus pocus financial instruments prior to the fall of 2008.

It’s done now, not something being considered. The net outcome is serfdom for generations of Americans. For those without the ‘aptitude’ to understand, picture yourself busting rocks in the sun under your masters whip.

Neither the peoples ignorance or the Media Control precluding public discussion, changes anything. It is what it is and it is... A Done Deal.

This takeover of the world via the takeover of its Financial Systems by the NWO Bankers led by THE FED can only be reversed at this late hour, IMO, by the complete collapse of the current Fiat System and the resulting ‘Bonfire of the (in) Equities’.

Will that happen?

Will the ‘Empire’, the Corporation, the Bankers and the existing Ponzi Scam come crashing down leaving room for the ‘new’, asset backed Banking and Currencies, a return to Law and Order, specifically Constitutional Law?

I have believed so and written extensively about it as have many many others who see clearly the crimes, the criminals and the ‘genocide’ being perpetrated against the people of the planet by the few whose Evil Ways know no limits.

By now I expected we would all see the anticipated battle unfolding before us in recognizable ways.

Instead recent ‘combatants’ appear to have been the existing Fed/Dollar regime vs the proposed IMF SDR based FIAT replacement mechanism. Neither represent ‘our side’ or what we have been awaiting and expecting. That battle is between existing camps/factions of CRIMINALS duking it out for control of the world including the rights to continue the Rape. Robbery and Pillage of the people via all manner of Financial Chicanery.

Where is ‘our side’?

Where is ‘the good’ in the ‘good vs. evil’ equation?

And the answer is….. I DON’T KNOW.

If I do know more than most of you about this stuff It’s not because I’m smarter, just that I devote more time to the study of it.

Having devoted the time I feel especially ignorant right now that I can not answer the very basic question, ‘where is our side’? For what are they waiting?

After many weeks of having more and more ‘lines of communication’ cut, especially from overseas, especially from China, WE are now experiencing what appears to be a self imposed blackout, imposed by ‘the good guys’ and as a result, WE can not testify that the reasons for it are in our best interest nor even the current status of things in a general way.

Many weeks ago we reported the fights among the factions over the funds then later reported the expansion of those fights into Europe.

WE can not say whether those things were reconciled between factions or whether ANY OUTCOME would be favorable to the program participants.

ALL incoming Intel continues to say that Obama and his circle of allies are doing everything humanely possible to stop deliveries as their lives and fortunes are tied up in the continuation of the status quo.

The blockage of deliveries and OBAMA’s threats against Program Participants are more or less continuous now and there is nothing secret about them as he is voicing them all over the world and he is being rejected by all except the handful of allies determined to preserve the status quo at any cost.

There are no words sufficient to describe the arrogance, the hubris, of Barrack Obama.

WE hear he is thoroughly despised by friend and foe alike.

He remains, we hear, the primary obstacle to deliveries.

My best guess is a continuation of the ‘Mexican Standoff’ in one form or another with the good guys (the new) being threatened by the bad guys (the old) should they proceed forward.

There is literally no telling how severe the threats may be.

I wish we could be more specific.

Perhaps the ‘good news’ espoused by other messengers will be true this time.

Casper 6-1-11

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