Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinar Update Intel - 5-24-11

Remember: All the sites have a contact in banking that have said "Bank screens for the IQD are flashing GREEN" right now. Our wonderful AngelQuest has a friend who personally saw this and i totally trust Darline to always tell it like it is!!! The rate just needs to be dropped in for it to happen similtaneously all over the world. the amazing guest on Franks conference call feels strongly that it will happen on May 29th at a rate of $3.89. This is a mere 4 days away. I feel this is the week. Keep praying and be grateful for this amazing blessing we are about to recieve. Have a great day.

KME, on 24 May 2011 - 07:25 AM, said:
Just to let some of you guys know, the CBI auction does not matter.

When Kuwait revalued, they had an auction at the old rate on the same day. As a matter of fact, they printed an article that day that said their government had failed and they were starting over. A few hours later, their currency revalued.

Stop paying attention to the auctions. My understanding is that the CBI site is putting up false numbers anyway.

To add, I believe Kuwait's RV showed up at around 10:30 AM EST. I don't believe it showed up on Forex, just at the banks at first.

Do you think it will happen today, KME, as we were told in last night's conference call?

I can't tell you what I've heard, but I will say a few things on the subject.

I'm not saying it will or won't happen today, but it is a good day for it to happen. I personally do not believe it will show up today.

I do know that the hard parts are done. You may ask- "What is left between the hard parts and 'announcement?'" I can not answer that question.

There have always been unforeseen steps pop up just before announcement. From what I've heard, there isn't much left to do. It could very well happen today, but in my honest opinion, I don't think it will.

**PLEASE, Oh dear God in Heaven, PROVE ME WRONG!!**


Any HINTS as to how much longer? What's your thoughts on a timeline?

Can I do this without giving too much away?

As of last week (a day that made me thirsty,(could it be thursday?) we were put on an hour by hour watch. As of a bright day this week, (Sunday?)we were put on a minute by minute watch.

As far as MY thoughts on a timeline-- Not today while the banks are open. I will start watching tomorrow morning.


My uncle was in that RV and he said it showed up at 430pm EST

Must have been watching at different times, or were in a different category.

I know a few people personally that saw it between 10:30 AM EST (earliest) and Noon EST (latest.)

I'm not combatting your uncle's story at all. Just telling what I was told.

Your story helps in the quest as well. A lot of people believe that if it doesn't happen before 8 AM EST, it won't happen. Truth is, it could show up at any time it wants to.


May 24 7:14 AM [Blaino] 1. Major Bank, South East, bulking on cash twice in the last 2 weeks, re-training on the DeLarue Machine (with IQD!) on Saturday, solving "IT" issues today.... now on watch.... (yes, for that!) 2. Second Major Bank (Different brand) in the land of the Lone Star... is in the early stages of "connection establishment" to the network of systems connecting all the significant Banks, prepping Staff (overtime $) and so on.... did you bring your glasses? The "read between the lines" glasses? 'Nuff Said! Blaino
From Planet Dinar site:

I would like to say, that if we are indeed there; be it tomorrow, or Wednesday, as so much of our intel has been suggesting, then there are many farewells due today. Obviously as so many of us will be cashing out, and becoming extremely busy with our new lives, it probably won't be very likely that I will be here on this, or any other site to make a final post. I believe that we are truly done; I believe the intel that some family members have given me through their sources, and the intel we have received from the generous people on this site, as well as PTR, (the two sites I frequent) is solid. I believe that this ride will be completely done no later than Wednesday of this week, so I will post my farewell, and a few parting thoughts.

Okie, Blaino, Dusty, Tony, Dan, Bluewolf, Poppy, Randy ,Frank, TerryK, Steve, and all of the mods that have kept these sites going, THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping faith that there were still people who wanted to hear what you had to say! This tangled web of political strife has delayed and held up this event at every turn by so many complications that it must have been disheartening to see the end of the road, and share the joy in that, only to have yet another hurdle put in place, and have to return to the community with bad news. You folks have made this journey an adventure that will never be forgotten by a multitude of us who would have become disheartened, and discouraged and possibly given up before reaching the finish line. This journey has felt so tiresome for the last stretch; and if we aren't there yet, I will still feel honored to walk the final lap with all of you.

I pray that the lord will guide you all to be a blessing to this world as long as you continue to walk on the face of it, you certainly have been a blessing to me.


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