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Queen Worried About Her Crumbling Empire

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Queen Worried About Her Crumbling Empire

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 30-May-2011 09:19:28

The Queen has expressed concern that she might be the last monarch of the UK and has asked Downing Street to keep her informed. The Queen has signaled in a private meeting with David Cameron her concern at the prospect of the break-up of the United Kingdom. The monarch met the prime minister at Buckingham Palace after the Scottish National party's victory in the Holyrood elections this month to discuss the potential implications for the monarchy. It is understood that palace officials asked Downing Street to bring in a constitutional expert to advise on the process of staging a referendum on Scottish independence and the dismantling of the union in the event of a yes vote. – London Sunday Times

Dominant Social Theme: An extremely grave situation. The Anglo realm, which is the fundamental part of civilization, is toppling ...

Free-Market Analysis: Hey, are we right on schedule? Even Queen Elizabeth is worried. Say, about time! It's only taken 2,000 years if we are correct in our reading of history – as the British empire is at least a remnant of the Roman Empire (later the "Holy Roman Empire"), though some would trace its antecedents back to Babylon and beyond. The Hindus track these episodes in chunks of 12,000 years or so, and apparently we're on that cusp as well. All we know is that the Internet seems to be making a mess of Anglo-American power-elite plans.

If you read this modest newspaper you're surely aware that the previous collapse of the British Empire World War II was a kind of phony one; part of the disinformation practiced by the Anglo-American elite that seeks to run the world and does run a good chunk of it. The powers-that-be merely substituted Money Power for colonial rule. Economic clout took over from military dominance.

This sort of process has been ongoing not for years or decades but centuries. The elites took a step back after the arrival of the Gutenberg press made being a king or queen a dangerous occupation. That was seemingly when the idea of "democracy" was invented. Much easier to let the common people vote and then merely give the winner his orders rather than give orders to the whole country out in the open.

Now even this subtle strategy is running into trouble. As the only popular, on-line publication in the world dedicated to explaining the dominant social themes of the elite within the context of the Internet Reformation (presenting the Internet as a modern Gutenberg press) our brain trust of elves and gnomes believed that the worldwide changes we were analyzing would take up 20 years or more. How did we come to this calculation? Hah, we guessed!

We figured the Gutenberg press itself took something like 100 years to spark the Renaissance and Reformation; today, we decided, the time frame of sociopolitical and economic changes had collapsed a good deal. Twenty years sounded about right. If we date the growing impact of the Internet from 1990, we are exactly at 20 years now and thus it may be no coincidence that the world of Anglo-American Money Power is beginning to tremble, or at least to vibrate.

Did you believe, dear reader, even two years ago, that the West would be scrambling to leave Afghanistan with its conquest of the Taliban unfinished? That there are by last count (thanks, Max Keiser) nearly SIX HUNDRED separate uprisings and regime changes ongoing in the world today? That the fate of the euro and even the EU would be in serious question? And that the Queen herself would be concerned over an imminent break-up of her empire?

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Anonymous said...

We've been at this kind of reporting, for some ten years now, ever since we decided around 2000, that the business cycle was turning, and that fiat money would be on the way out, and gold and silver on the way in. (Yes, it was that obvious to us, because we follow Austrian business-cycle economics, as do others who figured it out at the same time.) ....... We've been able to see day by day, sometimes hour by hour for ten years, how the powers-that-be have reacted to the renewed strength of the hard-money business cycle. It hasn't been pretty. From our point of view, the Anglo-American elite pulled out all the stops to combat, what they believed was coming. They set up the foundation for war (Iraq and Afghanistan in particular), created false flag mechanisms (WikiLeaks?), built up phony enemies (Al Qaeda?), crashed the global economy (2008 financial crisis?), and even now may be working on food and water shortages. But this is nothing new. Anglosphere Money Power seems to have been engaged in a conspiracy to create a New World Order, for up to 300 years, with increasing urgency, in the past 100. ....Increasingly it seems to us .... that Western Anglo powers were behind most of the major wars of the 20th, including the Cold War. These wars were created to consolidate power domestically throughout the West, in order to build support for international agencies (the UN, IMF, World Bank, etc.) that would provide the backbone of a formal WORLD government, which was the elite banking families' great dream. In the mid 20th century, the elites apparently created Israel to serve as a further fulcrum of tension and disarray in the heart of the Islamic Middle East................ This is the way the elites have always expanded their sphere of influence – via civil tension, leading to war, that then leads "international" (read Western) involvement. The Anglosphere elites are doing the same thing Libya and Syria today. It is a simple plan, and like most of what the City of London inflicts upon the world, it doesn't really change, from one generation to the next. ....The Internet and 9/11, proved to be two great fulcrums, generating haste and urgency for those who dwell in the City of London...... starting on 9/11, the real nature of the Conspiracy showed itself, like the smile of the Cheshire cat or a disembodied grimace. ...... What did they decide? That they would promote a phony war on terror, to justify the renewed military push meant to further consolidate the world, to create ever-closer world government? That they would create more chaos in the Middle East this way, and would generate increased tension via Israel? That they would push for a closer European Union, a more powerful IMF and perhaps even a world currency, by purposefully inflicting financial chaos also redouble the power of their fear-based dominant social themes – global warming, peak oil, monetary inflation and chaos, etc. – to justify global governance?..... Nonetheless, conspiratorial or not, somewhere around 2005-2006 things seem to have started to go wrong. The Internet itself – like the Gutenberg press before it – began to play havoc, first with the power elite's dominant social themes (by exposing them), and then even with Anglo-American military power. Global warming, peak oil, central banking itself, all came under attack. It was not as it once was.....