Saturday, May 21, 2011



Melbourn, Florida


May 20, 2011

Yes, I call you defeated, you evil one, for I am calling my warring worshipers to the front lines of battle, for they are my fearless ones. They will be confronted with the vilest of demonic powers, and they will not retreat. They will continue to worship Me no matter what they face in the process. They will dance upon injustice. They will claim the land for the kingdom of Light. No weapon formed against them will prosper.

You are beginning to make headway, and the enemy is starting to panic, and he is beginning to show himself defeated. He is revealing himself, and showing that he has no power to stand up to my fearless warring worshipers.

You are beginning to pull down strongholds, and you are claiming the land. Yes, no weapon formed against you will prosper, because in the process of facing the evil one you are being strengthened with My holy presence upon you. Just bask in my presence and soak up my power and strength, for you will be coming into a level in Me where you will face greater devils. Yes, you are coming up to higher levels in worship and will face the evil one in ways that you have never experienced, but I have engulfed you with my love, and my glory is blinding the enemy, and he will retreat when he faces your fearless love before Me.

Keep pressing in on the enemy, because you will see such a mighty breakthrough that no weapon of the enemy will be able to hinder or penetrate such a force field of My love. I am calling the ones that I died for to My side and yes, they will bow down before Me with such a mighty power and gift of repentance that they will not be able to shake off. They will not know what is happening, because this is the final battle of evil facing the kingdom of Light and Love. Yes, the evil one is on the run. He will not know which way to turn for he will run off like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs. The evil one is under your feet and ever more will be.

I am pleased with your perseverance that you have never given up even though the heavens were like brass you continued to press in. And I am pouring out My reward of a mightier amount of power flowing out through you and around you. You are protected, My precious saints. You are fearless, full of My power and love, and greater works you will see and soon! You are on the verge of a mighty breakthrough of My love pouring out through you. Nothing will hinder this force field of my power and love. The river of My anointing is poured out. The dams have come down. Your heart is open wide. I am increasing your borders. Yes, immediate and powerful breakthrough is at hand, because you have made yourself faithful.

Never give up on the promises that I have made to you. My kingdom will come. My will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Open wide, you mighty gates, and let the King of glory enter in!

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