Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why all this Dinar stuff?

I have been receiving inquiries and some complaints. What happened to this blog. What happened to this blog and the PP intel and Restore America.

Folks --- we is going were the action is --- and right now it be the Dinar RV, as these blessings WILL be used to help us all.

Bear with us folks, as this roller coaster is ending (as well as the PP deliveries!).

And when this ride ends --- the prosperity & sharing adventure ride for all begins.

May our Gracious LOVING LORD Bless You all,

John MacHaffie HIS Humble Servant

PS - Yes, I am under 'keep my mouth shut' directive.


Anonymous said...

John, with all due respect, I suggest you start reading what serious Forex sites are saying rather than get sucked into disinformation from "poof" and "Okie". The Dinar "RV" is not what you think it is (The Iraqi Central Bank have specifically called it a "redenomination", ie, a "lop" like Turkey's was of the Lira.

Anonymous said...

WHEN is it ending?

Anonymous said...

john is not sucked into anything!! 1st of all and 2nd what r u at least trying to do to help people???
and plus bible prophecy and prophets have spoke about a new found wealth!!!

Anonymous said...

John, I hope I'm wrong but it will not RV on Mon., read Casper on it, I think he has it right

Anonymous said...

1st CASPER for MAY 7th: "There has been underway in China, a gigantic fight surrounding this and other trade proceeds."Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail] Date: Saturday, 7-May-2011 14:41:27 Received from Wendy via e-mail - discernment is advised: ....////
On Thursday WE learned that a huge trade would be attempted beginning noon Friday and coming off at noon Monday. WE heard this would be the biggest trade ever, and was being done with the cooperation of certain Chinese Factions. These attempts, using Program Funds as collateral, can be extremely difficult to detect, and after hundreds of previous failed attempts, this one is no doubt buried very deep. WE can not confirm until Monday whether or not the attempt is underway. Many factions including several Countries are demanding more money, and this is the planned method for acquiring more for distribution to various factions of our opponents.
There has been underway in China a gigantic fight surrounding this and other trade proceeds. WE do not yet know, the outcome of this fight. To ‘cover’ the potential distribution of these trade proceeds, a ‘cover story’ has been put out, saying the Countries are demanding and expecting, an enhanced distribution from a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Our sources say this story is false. Our Intel continues to say this is a false storyline to begin with, but whether the revaluation is true or false, it has nothing to do with what is actually going on in China this weekend. More when possible, Casper 5-7-11 /// CASPER for MAY 6th - OPINION: "IMO the WAR continues." (views: 1915) hobie, Friday, 6-May-2011 16:24:29, FROM :

Anonymous said...

"john is not sucked into anything!! 1st of all and 2nd what r u at least trying to do to help people???"

First of all Anon, you know nothing about me, so please do not judge (highly un-Christian like). Secondly, telling people to shut up unless they spread around falsehoods is not honesty either.

Secondly, on 13th April, the Iraq Central Bank openly, publicly and officially stated that the process is a "redenomination" (like a "lop") not a "revaluation".

"Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the project of Iraqi Dinar *re-denomination* consisting of removing three zeroes is close to completion. The *re-denomination* project is believed to be a strategic plan that will be passed to the ministerial council and Parliament once complete."

*SERIOUS* Forex trading sites have also said this:-

"In 2010, the Central Bank of Iraq announced their plans to redenominate the Iraqi Dinar to ease cash transactions. The intention would be to drop three zeros from the nominal value of bank notes; but the actual value of the dinar would remain unchanged. That would mean that 1,000 IQD (pre-redenomination) and 1 dinar (post-redenomination) would both be worth the same amount in US Dollars. Although the announcement stated that the change would take place by the end of 2010, there has been no redenomination as of January 2011 and no further announcements have been made."

"To that, the adviser to the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that such fears are unwarranted, and that the economic situation in Iraq is good and able to withstand the application of this project, *and that this experience had previously been applied in countries such as Turkey*, which has by deleting six zeros from the currency before the period is not too distant future."

Turkey did a "lop". Saleh has said he will do the same.

"No further announcements have been made" is absolute truth. That's why Dinar pumpers have resorted to lying about "the RV will happen on Tuesday!!!" almost every week since 2008 which doesn't come from Intel sources at all - but from the lying mouths of a few conmen keeping people hooked, almost like an addiction, to forum pumpers. The Dinar redenomination will happen when the Iraq Central Bank says it will. It's laughable that anyone can think rumor-mongers who have a flawless 100% track record of failure week after week, month after month, have more credibility than the central bankers in charge of the redenomination!

There's a HUGE amount of fraud out there by some Dinar "pumpers" who are making outrageous promises of 99,000% overnight profit margins (which is debunked nonsense) and seriously screwing naive people over on massive trading charges (including Dinar Trade which shut down recently after former disgruntled customers woke up to the fraud and demanded their money back). No-one's going to give you $990,000 of American $ banknotes just for changing up $1,000 worth of Old Dinars into $1,000 worth of New Dinars.

More useful reading:-

I share the same vision as you all (and John) at making the world a better place, but getting sucked into "pumper" "turn $1k into $1m overnight"!) scams is not part of the truth.