Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dinar - More Good Info

By DebTarHeelGirl

This weekend frustration was prominent on what is going on and all the different scenarios and it was affecting your trust in this investment. THIS IS GOD’s plan so please be patient as this plan unfolds…
Ali has a Tennessee website established in 2007 – it’s for a different company from that time frame and is a separate entity and non functional and Ali has sent emails telling them to please remove that website and shut it down as its old.… Ali is not selling any dinars.

Today we see posts from Steve L of People’s Dinar, Roger Wego of Dinar Daddy, Ali of Dinar Trade, and Adam Montana and maybe one more are leaving the internet intel scene….thanks for all your intel and rumors that you graciously shared with us in keeping us informed with this investment. We are not we will be here to the end…

Come sign up at Frankly Speaking http://www.frankvilladinar.com to become a member and so you can have access to our forum wealth of information… Massive email will be sent out to those signed up at Frankly Speaking when this RV occurs. I am in communication with Banks that will give us special rate for Frankly Speaking people…I will release a phone number to you to call to see exactly what rate they will offer to see if you would like to cash in there… Names of Banks, List of Dinar Daddy’s locations, I am working with Canada with Banks and rates to give to you, Puerto Rico information also….

Our Gov is working on taxing and the rate of same. The tax can’t be collected by a bank at cash in… Geitner spoke of a BIG windfall in taxes coming SOON to help lending – So Frank will offer you a menu of a smorgasbord for you to decide once the blessing comes… It’s a gift to guide you to make proper decisions on where to exchange…Our GOV is not ready for us as they do not know our tax rate yet….
Dinars – can you get some now – hard – Ali – nope not anymore – so now you can buy from Dinarbanker.com will give you a $10 discount if you put FRANK in the coupon code area – they will give me names only one person that wins the drawing for 50,000dinar contest – only of those that put FRANK in the coupon code when ordering.

Dame has set up a thread called Got Dinars, Now What – its being monitored by financial experts to answer our questions… http://www.frankvill...dinar-now-what/

Roy Strong Financial Advisor is with us tonight – He is hosting a Seminar which is being held this Saturday 5-14-11 in Toledo Ohio – at Frank’s church - Garden Park Christian Church, 8605 Salisbury Road, Monclova Ohio Reynolds Road has many hotels if you need to stay overnight. This seminar is to help explain what to do now about asset protection, minimize income taxes – capital gains tax info – teaching stewardship principles – how can you minimize or eliminate capital gains taxes… you can contact me at dinars@roymstrong.com or info@roymstrong.com 317-852-9774 is the office phone number – there is no capital gain for Frank for Frankly Speaking from this seminar. A Spanish translation will be researched for Spanish speaking people.

Delta is on the call -

1.0 Earlier this morning, Iraq was to have a major press conference. . . the conjecture was that this was the announcement that we have been waiting for. . . the meeting did happen today but it was the electorial committee meeting but not the investment per Delta was on TV .
2.0 This conference has been postponed until 5/11/11 according to a press release from Iraq.
Answer for 1.0 and 2.0 = They are not read to make this announcement- Delta states that yes that will happen then.

3.0 Geitner has gone on record stating that the debt ceiling does not need adjusting because of a “Major influx of revenue” into the US Treasury [taxes from this investment?]
It’s the only logical answer says Frank – there are quarterly taxes normally but this is the only logical answer that it’s the taxes from our cash in…. Chinese currency is held by US also so if it revals …so is it the Dinar- In Frank’s opinion I feel it’s the basket of currencies…

4.0 John McCain and Nancy Pelosi among others are in Iraq, as are all the major networks and newsies – not only the USA but Globally. . . and I don’t believe they are there for a picnic.
Let them all show up– FIND ME HILLARY then talk to me.

5.0 We have evidence of the fact that the remaining ministers HAVE been approved unanimously by parliament – in three separate articles from three separate sources.
Yes they were approved and that is rare in Iraq – in the GOI this is progress BIG – now vote on them – Delta says that last week the 3 names sent was NOT from the Iraqia list and now they say no voting on that cause of this list he was to get one from – good news is he could have passed this easy due to constitution need 50 + 1 to attend the parliament meeting and get 26 agreeing – but they are waiting – now with McCain there they are pressing to get this done – today 20 min ago Kurdistan coalition with National Coalition theu did settle EVERYTHING – met behind closed doors and they finished the list and Chief of CIA of Iraq will meet with the Kurdistan’s and Trade minister from Maliki’s list is supposed to give the Defense – one name was not from Iraqia list and that brought the frustration and today they met and did agree on this…and could vote on this tomorrow… as this has to happen as USA is there to say FINISH ASAP.

6.0 We have evidence that Basil, the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF have approved the Iraqi RI/RV
Frank said Our teams Evidence’s and I smile I understand what you are saying – Delta says all that is done even Shabibi said when he came here its all done and 6 banks are linked through CBI and linked International ready to go and waiting on the 3 zeros to be lifted to be recognized internationally. CBI has the rate…

7.0 We have three separate announcements from the CBI stating a “removal of 3 zeros” from circulation.
Frank says we have MORE than 3 articles and some are being recycled – the $3.33 article from yesterday was very confusing… all the rates levels are confusing… so we respect all the opinions of what each believe the rate could be…

8.0 We have CBI auctions in the last week or so, dwindle in amount to the point of ridiculous –the country cannot exist on the pittance of profit from the auctions. Rather they seem to be paving the way for Lower Denoms. . .
Country can’t exist on the auctions – Delta states – they are paving the way on lower denoms to come to life – the high auction today was because the sterilization has been completed and its ended – that brings on the high auction – the private banks in wire transfer rates were raised and 2 days ago from $10,000 to $50,000 per wire transfer with no requirement of who and from with no tax penalty there in Iraq…..and that is huge to go that high –
All we are now seeing and hearing is all GOOD GOOD GOOD…..

9.0 We know that oil contracts are being let, contractors are being paid and that the cards have been charged in-country.
Franks says right and also being paid in Kurdistan region also… Delta says that why Baghdad did not pay those company a long time ago – now they have the money- they have their hand in the DFI fund that’s why those people got paid now… that’s huge…
Everything is obvious not hiding no more – the article of lifting 3 zeros from the value today not from the rate – now they are telling everybody they are doing this – all the time now they do it all the time about the value –they are making it clear and waiting for the announcement to come out…

10.0 We know that in accordance with previous dictates, Maliki is out of time. . . he was given 100 days 100 days ago to sit a government and RV
Time is up Maliki -

11.0 We know that the US Treasury is pushing for this to conclude as is Shabibi
Yes he is and they are… they married themselves behind closed doors in February when they came out contracts were paid and auctions were sterilized for last two weeks… yes

12.0 We know that Globally, there are 57 immediate and over100 countries waiting or in the same basket to revaluate their currencies along with Iraq. . . waiting to fend off bankruptcy. . . that includes the USA.
That is a power statement above…

13.0 We know that Iraq has used the term “sterilization” heavily in the last week, when referring to their currency and economy. Sterilization is the process in which monetary authorities ensure that foreign exchange interventions do not affect the domestic monetary base, which is one component of the overall money supply… . Particularly when they are closing books on a failed or dying economy and opening a new economic chapter and want to preserve the sanctity of their economic balance. This is particularly so if issuance of the infamous lower denominations is forthcoming.
Part A they have arranged this to be able to cash us out….. Part B that is so brilliant the told us about the Sterilization – it ensures the domestic monetary base is not touched – this is what they are doing – this is great for us….

14.0 We have plenty of RUMOR that an experimental in-country RV has happened effective last week at a rate that we all would enjoy
NO comment says Frank

15.0 We know that there have been rolling blackouts on quite a few of the major forums, whether self imposed or imposed by “Others”.
Yes Ali has stopped, Roger Wego has stopped Steve L has stopped Adam Montana has Stopped – we can’t stop and we are not going to leave you hanging we will be here to tell you what’s going on – do not trust one place…

16.0 We know that Ali from Dinar Trade has ceased selling and buying both Iraqi Dinar and NV Dong in his California operation, effective middle of last week. His Tennessee operation, under a different name is still dealing though.
Frank says Ali said he has been asking this operation to be shut down – do not order from that website.

17.0 We know that the source of Dinar has all but dried up. . . most banks, including 5/3 have stopped selling Dinar and most of the small dealers have stopped selling.
That is true – today 5/3 updated Memo stated they WILL BE BUYING DINARS – when the exchange occurs- spread will occur

18.0 We know that there is a Major Arab/Muslim conference in Iraq starting on the 12th.

19.0 We know that at this point, President Obama has rescinded GWB’s Presidential Order 13303, allowing for the purchase of IQD effective the 12th of this month.
There are two of them one has nothing to do with buying dinars but investing in Iraq only – 13303 order does allow to purchase dinar –s not sure if its coming to an end and being reinacted by our current President – it ended at a perfect time – don’t you?

20.0 We suspect major issues with the Federal Reserve and a strengthening of the US Treasury, visible in the last couple of weeks.
Financial advisors left and right we offer to you thought our website.

21.0 We have seen the price of crude well over $100/bbl, Gold at $1550/oz and Silver in the same all time high and yet they are falling now.
As we get closer to the middle of this month they will not starting even yesterday and today they will jump back up – they are trying to help Iraq – they made over 7 billion dollars just due to the recent increase that was to help the country of Iraq…Frank said no wonder they opened up those two accounts in New York – to help protect all that money… 90% of that oil came from Basra and northern Iraq and that didn’t’ include the rest of the oil places – can you image what other profits they can make. Yes the oil will drop a bit – they only need $76-$80 per barrel to make money good money…
The DFI money was transferred and they were able to pay those company’s recently as the country has NO money and now the DFI fund is their to use…

22.0 Earlier this morning, one of the major gurus, Stevel, tended his “Last Post” citing a couple of reasons, but, in my opinion, it is HUGE that he has issued what amounts to be an emotional withdrawal.
We will still be here

24.0 We have fresh articles indicating that additional contracts are being let by the GOI [which still has not been formally announced] to oil contractors, utility contractors and the like.
Many are doing electricity oil etc good stuff going on yes

25.0 We have Shabibi stating again, that a recognized GOI would precipitate the release of the RI/RV and that seems to be done.
The GOI is about to be formed as they finally agreed on the cabinet ministers to be voted on this week – Delta said he posted the article that says they agreed to name the key security post…today…from the meeting behind closed doors – the pressure is on them to activate the 3 ministries and then the GOI as soon as he sees the GOI seated he will RV the money and the budget and the contracts… this is proper protocol to do this and wait for the GOI – this with dignity to be in harmony together …. Delta states that press conference that Shabibi said he needs security for the CBI so he needs this relationship between the GOI and CBI – then he will feel comfortable to release the rate… Shabibi cannot survive anymore they have to be Int’ by July 1st and vote before June 30th but he can’t ait till then as there is NO MORE EXTENSION till then they have to do this now…maybe 1-2 weeks only but waiting won’t work… GOI and CBI has to be woven together…

26.0 We have proof that the Kurds have received partial payment from Iraqi oil profits which indicates a resolution of the HCL and Resolution141 for the Kurds and that Kuwait is very happy.
Kuwait is very happy – the Kurds are in charge -

I do not want to prejudice my own thinking in this, nor do I wish to prejudice yours but it seems that there is something still missing in this long time puzzle that we have been dealing with. . . Either that, or Tuesday through Thursday of this week really seems to be it. . . What, if anything, am I missing. . . Because like you, I really want to see closure. . . Now!
Frank States – Geitner, Shabibi all are saying VERY SOON…….


Anonymous said...

can you explain how the dinar RV is going to affect the current power structure especially the NWO.. I am confused with McCain and Pelosi, etc. being in Iraq

Please explain what that means for the US?

Anonymous said...

Am I safe having my Iraqi bank account with $3 Million Iraqi Dinar in it, in Warka Bank in Iraq? Will they shift all my funds from my IQD account over to the minimal USD account I have to keep there? or should I purchase actual Dinar currency and close my current account at Warka Bank?


Jack Clark