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Modern Day Iraqi Dinar RV Biblical Prophecy

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Modern Day Iraqi Dinar RV Biblical Prophecy

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Date: Wednesday, 25-May-2011 18:30:22

This info is very well written and thought out. It links the Dinar RV to the largest transfer of wealth to the common people in the history of the world. The RV is the banker method to enslave the world. Make war, destroy the country, rebuild and RV the currency back to it's previous levels. Make a pile of money on the Revaluation and install your puppet dictators who just became massively wealthy. Leave the country and let it run on auto-pilot. Repeat process with the next country.
Having been studying the monetary system for 10 years, the insight about Iraq hit me like a ton of bricks about a month ago. Things are a bit more complex than they seem in the world, it is not quite as black and white as a David Icke conspiracy theory. There are good people in the world who are among the elite and they operate on principle and have a long term plan that is in opposition to the NWO.
They are making their move now. The dinar in my mind is the mechanism to take back the Republics of the World from the Fiat currency people.

First post and probably the last. I felt so impressed to write this, so here goes. I know no one on this site and have no reputation that you should believe me. But if my words are true you are going to want to consider.

When the news of the dinar came to me I began to pray concerning the opportunity. It was September 2010 when the the Lord clearly showed us to go forward. We had waited for that confirmation for several years. Afterwards, the Lord has spoken four things to me. 1) There will be the test of delay. 2) This dinar will reveal what is truly in your soul 3) There will be a short window of time in which to act after the revalue 4) If you seek to hold onto the windfall you will loose it.

The Lord told me in Sweetwater TN that the dinar would "test your soul". Since then I have seen all kinds of Christians arguing and fighting about certain things pertaining to the dinar. It should not be that way. I see people regularly engaging in name calling, especially against Maliki, I see the desperation for funds that seems to continually be present with all kinds of people. Others talk about spending wildly/foolishly on things that are extreme luxuries. It appears my word is coming to pass. Many many people are looking to the dinar as the provision, rather than Him who is the Provider. I really had to check my heart as well. He is asking me personally, where do I get my information? Selah.

I will share here what almost no one here will know or even understand. I give this to you so that you can consider and take the right actions if you choose. There is a prophetic people that has been seated across the land for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. Starting in around the beginning of 2009 the Lord told us that there would begin the emergence of the Elijah ministry in the earth. This was previsouly told to us in 1996, so it was no surprise when it came about 13 years later. What we did not realize that it would not only be Elijah, but Elisha as well. We did not see the big picture, and perhaps still do not.

When this Elisha ministry began we started to see the miracles of Elisha come to pass in a very public, national manner. The eigth sign was the poison in the pot. We learned from the news that the Gulf of Mexico was also called a cauldron on underwather charts. When the oil spill threatened all life in the gulf, we recognized it was the poison in the pot. A group of hidden intercessors went to the headwaters of the Mississippi and threw ground barley meal as instructed by the Lord into the river. Exactly 144 hours and 9 minutes later BP announced the plugging of the well; the approximate time it takes water to flow the river to the gulf. 144 is the number representing the elect that now stand among you.

The ninth sign to come is the multiplication of provsion. Many people have now comfirmed that this is linked to the dinar. The Lord has been quiet on this since last July, and we expect the final 8 signs (9-16) to begin to come to pass around this year's Passover.. We are very close, but do not know exactly how this will play out.

The Eurphrates flowed under the walls of Babylon. To overcome this city, the Medes and Persians diverted the flow of the water into a swampy area so that they might sneak into the city under the wall. The night before the attack a wild party was happening in Babylon and so the people we hung over the next morning. The armies took the city without much resistance and it still stands today. This story speaks of how the money system, represented by Babylon will fall.

If you can receive it, the Medes are the media. The Persians are Iran. The wall is Wall Street. The Eurphates is the substance (money) that keeps the city propped up. The orgy has been going on in Washington DC now for some time. We are looking for the time in which the handwriting on the wall will appear. That sign will tell us exactly when the money system will fail. To bring about this demise the Euphrates (bountiful) will be diverted. We believe this is the sign of the dinar revaluation. It will happen to bring about the fall of Mystery Babylon.

The dollar is the means by which money changers enslaved the world in debt. How much do you think the God will overthrow or kick over the tables of the SYSTEM that keeps people entrapped and the gospel from going forth? There is no way anyone can understand why this is happening to the dollar unless you first understand what is happening in world commerce. Since most Christians are comepletely ignorant, they view the coming crash as something terrible, but in reality the kingdoms of the world are becoming the kingdom of our God.

Mystery Babylon is mysterious. It was called this because of its hidden-ness. The Lord did not want to replace the yoke of wood He gave the earth with a yoke of iron, therefore, the world was sold into the rule of Babylon without most people knowing. Had they known what was happening, they would have rebelled as Israel did in the biblical account. This would have required the greater sentence thus a much worse world situation. The "Mystery" part of Babylon was much grace to us all as God kept us from understanding to keep us subject to His judgement that we might learn. That is wisdom.

Mystery Babylon for our time became manifest on December 23rd, 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. This transferred the right to print money from the US Govern't to the string of privately owned banks that had been ruling Europe for many years. Over the last 98 years, we have seen the rise and fall of this world money power in which a defacto world currency was used to enslave most of the nations of the world.

In 1974 Kissinger made an agreement with OPEC that all oil would be sold in US dollars only. These states would use the money to buy US debt and allow the press to run ad infinitum ad nauseum. This then required all nations to go to the Federal Reserve to exchange the local currency for the US dollar with which to purchase energy. This is exactly what happened with the Money Changers in Jesus' day. Interest, which is unlawful according to Divine Law, was used to place these nations under control of the money system. Gradually all the nations' central banks fell to the banking system. It has been said that the greastest evil under the sun is not war or famine, but compound interest. At the time of 9/11 only seven publically held central banks existed in the world. Now after our two wars there are only 5. A publically held central bank gives a country the ability to get out of debt. When banks are privately held, the debt is never released but owed to those who print the money. That was the plan of this Babylonian system. This is well understood by anyone who understands money.

So in 1983, the seventy years of Babylonian rule had been completed, but the systematic church was not aware of the time it was in. It could not proclaim the release from Babylon since itself had become very much like the world system. God began to call out the overcomers at that time and form a people that would declare a spiritual jubilee and overthrow the Babylonian rule. Details of these years are comprehensive, but I will not write about it here. It has involved much transition and God raised up true intercessors in the nation to repair the breaches in our spiritual gates. Now the church, not being aware of its failure to proclaim the jubliee brought charge against the remnant in the divine court in heaven in 2001, but lost the case. This established God's remnant with the right to rule. They were then instructed then to overthrow the tables of the money changers, set free the captives from the Babylonian system, and produce the fruit of the kingdom.

Although many intercessions went out over those years, the financial system held on until October of 2008 for good reason, when we saw the signs of collapse manifest. The head of gold (Babylonian image) would soon be sacked, i.e. Goldman Sachs, and the symbols of Babylon would start to fall. The walled city Babylon was manifested as "Wall Street", which would receive the brunt of the change. The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our God.

After WWII, Japan was set up as a satellite government of the US. It was run mainly by large money interests and policed by those same powers that were well established in the US government. After fighting such a costly war, there was no way the Allies would allow Japan to ever recover its strength outside their control. The Japanese government has for the most part been an extension of the Federal Reserve banking system. In the last 2 to 3 years, it has rebelled against the financial system electing outsiders to the government rejecting liberal democracy thwarting powers of the CIA which basically ruled it. Many key officials have died mysteriously. Those in the know are full aware of who is responsible for these attacks. As the dollar started its inevitable slide into oblivion because of massive fraud and printing for special interests, increasing pressure on Japanese banks has been applied to exchange dollars for yen, to keep it propped up. There has been much resistance to the west in Japan, seeking its separation from the money system. We have even seen this with Russia and China, who now trade oil in something other than dollars. What these people never knew was that God had called out the people that would have authority to overthrow the money system, and they would be caught in the transition unless the leadership calls the nation to repentance. When a people accept the ways of their corrupt lawless government, they become guilty of the same sins by way of complacency. We are seeing much of the same in America. That which is hidden will be revealed and we must be careful not to rebel against God by judging things that He may very well be sending to purge the nation of its rebellion.
This is where the facts get cloudy. There is strong evidence that these money changers, i.e. World Bankers, have used advanced weapons to target nations that were failing their obligations to the financial system (the love of money is the root of all evil). Reports are now coming out of Japan indicating that it was an attack on the fault line that borders Japan. We know there are several technologies that can activate a fault, we just don't know for sure it was used here or why at this time. Photos and video are starting to pop up. It appears that the system is breaking up from the inside as a result of the declaration of the jubilee by the overcomers last year. It is not going to get better for a while as the system struggles for its last breath, but it will not recover until the Kingdom comes.

So Mystery Babylon does fall into three parts as it states in Revelation. This will happen both in the spiritual realm and the natural realm. Right now, the banking system is seeking to flee the dollar for a new defacto world currency. Our best understanding will be the Iraqi Dinar, as they are preparing to loot Iraq of its natural resources through money changing. These resources, virtually untapped, are the underpinning of the new Iraqi Dinar. Most of the Babylonian nations are holding vast amounts of these dinar already in their treasuries, and will profit wildly when the Dinar revalues in a few days. Under contract they cannot sell the dinar for 6 months and during that time I believe you will see the events lead up to the splitting of Mystery Babylon. That may be a rumor, but I do think that they will hold their dinars on the balance sheet to make their own currencies more attractive.

Currently the Prime Minister of Iraq is Maliki, which means "king". The night Babylon was overthrown, the king of Babylon was killed. We are watching carefully for this sign which will signal the downfall of the world money system. When Maliki is killed or removed from office, the nation will split into three nations, the Kurds, the Shiites, and the Sunni's. It will make the Iraqi dinar worthless overnight and the plans of the world banking systems will collapse in almost an instant. Since all these nations are now HEAVILY invested in the dinar, they will then be sitting on piles of worthless fiat paper with nothing to underpin their own money. Any non-commodity backed currency will fail quickly because of the Babylonian debt system. If Japan was actually attacked with an advanced weapon as some say it was, then we truly understand that the system is failing and God is bringing forth the kingdom as promised.

You will never again make this kind of money this fast I think, but you must be wise. Not my intent to lecture, but we are entering an unprecedented time and this will be the largest transfer of wealth in world history as governments scramble to prop up their failing currencies through the revaluation of dinar.

First let's understand that the US dollar has been weakening. Although commodity prices have recently strengthened, more than half of that increase has been because of the failing dollar. This is important. We have said for a couple of years that oil insiders have been saying that the bankers are looking for a new world currency to go to since the USD has been spent into oblivion. Both the Euro and Yen have been growing showing signs that this change is close. I will explain..

As the printing press at the Fed is running day and night (actually it is electronically done now) the dollar suffers from excess spending. The more available the dollar becomes, the less value it has in general. However, until now, the banks have mopped up all the extra liquidity to pay for their gambling debts (derivatives) and that has kept the currency off of main street. If this money had gone into circulation, it would have resulted in high inflation and ultimately the loss of control over debts owed to the system. This is the reason why mom and pop never got a dime in the bail out.

The main issue now is that the cost of servicing the debt is so high. To have money to spend and keep things propped up, you have to cut spending, raise taxes, or sell off assets. None of these things are popular and that is the catch 22 the government is in. The time it would take to correct this situation is very long... longer than one term in office, therefore no politician will waste their time being a lame duck. So, they are looking for a quick fix... Thus enter the dinar.

The 000 on the notes you hold was put there on purpose... in fact for this purpose. The planners of this process knew that eventually they would revalue the dinar and be able to use the instant millions to write off debt. It was perfect because Iraq had so many resources to underpin the currency and with the help of the IMF and others, they could force this thing to happen in a quick way. The players have been put in place and we should see the announcement soon enough. How soon, I will not say, but the news is really good from what I understand now.

Ok, so the earthquake and tsunami is playing a role, probably to bring this process home sooner. The largest creditor to the US is China at like $2 Trillion cash (but whose counting?), and the second largest is Japan. Japan has a very high debt load. Some say a larger percentage than the US, but I think we are better at hiding it than they are. This is key. When the catastrophe happened, it forced Japan to start to sell their US treasury holdings which dumped the dollar and made the Yen high in demand. It has really shot up, so much that the FED stepped in this week to prevent a further slide of the dollar. On Friday, we saw some stop gap measures take place, but I see that the dollar is trading at 80.8 yen. The last time I was in Tokyo seveal years ago, the dollar was like 114 Yen... It is really weak. So Japan's debt is 192% of its gross domestic product. It will need to continue to sell US treasuries to finance its restructuring and rebuilding. The pressure on the dollar will cause them to move quickly on the dinar. They are coming to a point where they have to get this done.


Anonymous said...

// Written 20 March 2011 - 01:09 PM by TODO //
...(...) They are coming to a point where they have to get this done. When it revalues, there will be an opposite high demand for the dollar for a short time, because everyone will want US currency to spend. This will drive the price of the dollar upwards for a while. It will fool many economists into thinking the dollar is recovering, as a world currency. Commodity prices will correspondingly drop. For those of you thinking precious metal will be a good investment, timing will be critical. The price will soon drop because of the revalue, and then it will skyrocket,as many seek to protect their holdings. You know now it is coming, so plan accordingly. Intell is now saying that there will be a drop in commodity prices, in the next three weeks.. Hold on to your shorts... it is going to be a bumpy ride. To those who read this comment, know without a doubt that the Lord has placed people in the world, to carry out the transition to the kingdom. For this to happen, the dollar must be removed as the instrument that enslaves people. The kingdom economy is very close. Don't get caught in the trap of believing your money is safe in the US dollar. It is risky at best. If it is true that the treasury is holding much dinar, and why wouldn't it be, then it would not be surprising that they get caught holding the bag. We shall see. Folks this is going to happen, but making it to revalue, is only half the battle. You must secure your return afterwards. Could you spend a million dollars in a day? You may get the chance to find out.. ...

Anonymous said...

Both John and Anon have made some biblical prophecy connections, as written in the book of Revelation of that great mystery Empire of Babylon and implications of some ancient prophets, namely Elija and his companion Elisha -seemingly with the current frenzy surrounding the revaluation of the Iraqi dinars and possibly some plots to throw the current Government in Iraq.
To a sincere bible scholar these postulated connections of a chosen kingdom people meant to be the forerunner to an economy of the so called Kingdom of God is total baloney. The only connection with current happenings or rather the not happenings, particularly on the ongoing rumours of the revaluation of the new Iraqi dinar with the mystery of prophecy of Babylon the Great is merely in the coincidence of the location of the once Kingdom of Babylon and modern Baghdad remains the same. The prophecy in Revelation is totally unrelated; neither to a chosen people - the so imputed Kingdom people (in whose hands are now possessed the large hordes of the Iraqi currency) nor the present progressively Democratic Iraq or it's duly elected leaders in power.
The Iraqi currency will not be revalued now or in the future. The currency will ride out the currency tides of the world and depending on the varied economies and wealth of the country due mainly to it's oil and natural gas resources (and hopefully on it's futuristic tourist dollars) the dinar will gradually rise in value over the next 2-5 years of it's own accord. To expect any sooner with speculations on higher revaluation rates is merely a pied piper dream and that's for sure, as such a dream would be based on illogical reasoning going against currency trends and trading principles. Currency up trends on any country currency is usually not based on speculation of a revaluation of the target currency. Of course, there might be tugging of power play (particularly by the USA) with the sheer size of dinar holdings by it's treasury and it's citizenry. But that kind of power play can only be manifested in what share such a power could have in the political future of IRAQ but certainly not on it's currency or it's economic status.

On the other hand, I do not totally cancel the notion of demonetising it's currency in Iraq, as many countries have done so in the past. That move will certainly be a very tempting choice for Iraq - to help bring the flailing dinar back to full steam in one stroke or even issuing a totally new currency - once more revealing a cheeky nerve of the Saddam's type.