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Dinar Intel Updates 5-9-11

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From People's Dinar (please don't ban me- this is something everyone should hear)
Moke, on 09 May 2011 - 06:22 PM, said:
thinks Steve doesn't want to start any rumors but, you're gonna be gone HOW MANY days, or am I reading into it too much?

I am. I was scheduled to leave this morning but changed it to Wednesday because of the events taking place.

I really did not want to get stuck on a plane and have the RV take place because I have so much to do to help you all cash out with a
Zero spread

Frank'ly i am out of answers----Posted by Eagleone Today at 4:22 pm

OK – Lets look at what we have without emotion. . . . because there is much to look at. . . Anything you have to offer is appreciated. . . because I am . . . puzzled

1.0 Earlier this morning, Iraq was to have a major press conference. . . the conjecture was that this was the announcement that we have been waiting for. . .

2.0 This conference has been postponed until 5/11/11 according to a press release from Iraq.

3.0 Geitner has gone on record stating that the debt ceiling does not need adjusting because of a “Major influx of revenue” into the US Treasury [taxes from this investment?]

4.0 John McCain and Nancy Pelosi among others are in Iraq , as are all the major networks and newsies – not only the USA but Globally. . . and I don’t believe they are there for a picnic.

5,0 We have evidence of the fact that the remaining ministers HAVE been approved unanimously by parliament – in three separate articles from three separate sources.

6.0 We have evidence that Basil, the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF have approved the Iraqi RI/RV

7.0 We have three separate announcements from the CBI stating a “removal of 3 zeros” from circulation.

8.0 We have CBI auctions in the last week or so, dwindle in amount to the point of ridiculous –the country cannot exist on the pittance of profit from the auctions. Rather they seem to be paving the way for Lower Denoms. . .

9.0 We know that oil contracts are being let, contractors are being paid and that the cards have been charged in-country.

10.0 We know that in accordance with previous dictates, Maliki is out of time. . . he was given 100 days 100 days ago to sit a government and RV

11.0 We know that the US Treas is pushing for this to conclude as is Shabibi

12.0 We know that Globally, there are 57 immediate and over100 countries waiting or in the same basket to revaluate their currencies along with Iraq. . . waiting to fend off bankruptcy. . . that includes the USA.

13.0 We know that Iraq has used the term “sterilization” heavily in the last week, when referring to their currency and economy. Sterilization is the process in which monetary authorities ensure that foreign exchange interventions do not affect the domestic monetary base, which is one component of the overall money supply... . Particularly when they are closing books on a failed or dying economy and opening a new economic chapter and want to preserve the sanctity of their economic balance. This is particularly so if issuance of the infamous lower denominations is forthcoming.

14.0 We have plenty of RUMOR that an experimental in-country RV has happened effective last week at a rate that we all would enjoy

15.0 We know that there have been rolling blackouts on quite a few of the major forums, whether self imposed or imposed by “Others”.

16.0 We know that Ali from Dinar Trade has ceased selling and buying both Iraqi Dinar and NV Dong in his California operation, effective middle of last week. His Tennessee operation, under a different name is still dealing though.

17.0 We know that the source of Dinar has all but dried up. . . most banks, including 5/3 have stopped selling Dinar and most of the small dealers have stopped selling.

18.0 We know that there is a Major Arab/Muslim conference in Iraq starting on the 12th.

19.0 We know that at this point, President Obama has rescinded GWB’s Presidential Order 13303, allowing for the purchase of IQD effective the 12th of this month.

20.0 We suspect major issues with the Federal Reserve and a strengthening of the US Treasury, visible in the last couple of weeks.

21.0 We have seen the price of crude well over $100/bbl, Gold at $1550/oz and Silver in the same all time high and yet they are falling now.

22.0 Earlier this morning, one of the major gurus, Stevel, tended his “Last Post” citing a couple of reasons, but, in my opinion, it is HUGE that he has issued what amounts to be an emotional withdrawal.

23.0 Moments ago, the famous Okie issued HIS last post – “due to business involvement and physical problems” . . . we pray for them both.

24.0 We have fresh articles indicating that additional contracts are being let by the GOI [which still has not been formally announced]to oil contractors, utility contractors and the like.

25.0 We have Shabibi stating again, that a recognized GOI would precipitate the release of the RI/RV and that seems to be done.

26.0 We have proof that the Kurds have received partial payment from Iraqi oil profits which indicates a resolution of the HCL and Resolution141for the Kurds and that Kuwait is very happy.

I do not want to prejudice my own thinking in this, nor do I wish to prejudice yours but it seems that there is something still missing in this long time puzzle that we have been dealing with. . .

Either that, or Tuesday through Thursday of this week really seems to be it. . . What, if anything, am I missing. . . Because like you, I really want to see closure. . . Now!



Posted Today, 02:14 PM

Date: Monday, 09-05-11 09: 00

Baghdad (News) ...Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with John McCain and his party, the political and security situation in Iraq.

Maliki demanded the introduction of the strategic framework agreement governing cooperation between Iraq and the United States.

Maliki said: "the prospects of cooperation between Iraq and the United States", stressing the need to expand cooperation between the two countries, including economic, industrial, commercial and scientific.

The delegation of the United States Congress is willing to increase cooperation within the framework of strategic cooperation, convergence of views on developments in the region.



Posted Today, 02:22 PM

The RV is coming dow the pipe.....patiance is trying me...Godspeed

The proof is everywhere

Posted Today, 12:01 PM

[okie_oil_man] good morning america and ships at sea and all our world wide friends. From all intel received within the past 24 hour's it appears we are approaching the end of our journey to utopia. The end is so near you can feel it. Due to business involvement and also physical problems i have decided that now will be the optimum time for me to retire from the intel furnishing status that i have maintained for several years. I hope you understand my decision. I have enjoyed most of the time being able to share what i had with each of you that may not have had the opportunity and exposure to sources that i have. I god's richest blessing's on you all and have only wanted to be a messenger and a vessel to be used by the lord. I hope i have served that purpose--i may drop by occasionally to say hello but it had gotten to the point that the pressure and questions has taken a final toll on my mind, my body, and my spirit.--god bless you all and godspeed the r/v--goodbye

Posted Today, 08:30 AM

Could not find any news on the expected meeting today...but found this one.....

Invitation to the media

Hold Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told a news conference on the morning of Wednesday, corresponding to 05/11/2011 at the presidential palace.

The media wishing to attend the conference call the following telephone numbers for facilities required for entry into: -

07801984990 (Anyone thinking RV?)


Posted Today, 04:42 PM

Longfellow's latest (from planet dinar):
Iraq is done. Just waiting on US to get there issues wrapped up. Could be a couple of days but it could be a good as they are trying to get the rate up even more. Ciao! Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!


View PostCheckMate, on 09 May 2011 - 03:02 PM, said:

Hello everyone,....

We wanted to have a short, live call with a few updates.

The 100K contest, the AGL webdinar for tomorrow, the fact that many top Guru's are saying it's over, done, some are even saying their good byes.

What do you think,.....what are your thoughts post them here, if you would like to hear what we think will see you on the call at 7:30PM EST

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Posted Today, 07:25 PM - PTR cc transcript

PTR CCall 5 9 11
Please excuse typos!

Dan, Tony, Wendy, Radtodd, Simon, ButchB and Special Guest - Okie

Dan: A lot happening around the boards. Will discuss our thoughts. This will be a short call. Somethings better explained on the call re the contests, changes on the site and intel for the day. Not a lot.

Dan: Bob G had a good suggestion of how to count the votes on the contests. One Tony made one up of taking my avatar and disrespecting it. We will be voting on that.

Tony: I really only had 4 people submit those. They are really great. We'll put them up on the board and let everyone vote on those.

Dan: The contest I had done was something fun for the weekend. Your thoughts off this journey. What has your journey been like? 3 - 7 lines. We are going to let it be judged by you guys - put a positive markers on there today and tomorrow. Will take the top 5 and have you guys vote on them. Best way to figure out how to do that.

Do have another contest today and will do one everyday.

I made a post - re the Anderson Law Group. Their website. We had so many people get left out of the last webinar. Their link is already posted. I am really impressed with them They are getting back to everyone pretty quick. I enjoyed the webinar. Will be on there tomorrow to introduce Clint. That is between you and them. Ask them ?'s on their site as we are not involved.

Simon: I learned a lot from just being on that seminar. A lot of people think that the SF event is closed... Started from the old site... we should be promoting that event cause it will help people's future for a long time in a positive way.

Dan: It got responded because of the Anderson Law Group. They are gearing up. We wanted to know how many people where coming. We did extend it because Clint Coons said they will accommodate as many people as come. A lot of things planned. The event costs nothing. The meetings with the attorneys costs nothing. Clint said they would do it in classes.

We won't be doing much. This is the Anderson Law Group Event. The more people that come out the better. It will be fun.

Tony: Can you clarify the costs nothing part?

Dan: Yes if you are one of them! The $25 deposit is refundable at the event.
We do have some stuff that is interesting besides that. Everything is on you when you get there. The event costs nothing. We will give you a list of hotels that are around the event and you will pay for everything you will be doing when you are there... food, room, car etc. This is not a profitable event for us. The expense to you is what you do there. There is a post up on the board about things that Tony and I have already arranged. We're just talking about having fun and trying to get people thinking about post rv so not so much
thinking about pre rv. The hard part is the emotional attachment to the rv happening today everyday. We said let's rationalize on some of this intel, dispel some of this stuff that shouldn't be talked about...

Tony: A bunch of ? on the board? What is going on today? What do I seen happening on the crystal ball. Got a call from Okie and told him I couldn't talk about it cause of this call.....

Dan - One ? is Do you feel we are at the end that the RV is done? Is that why the gurus are leaving?

Tony: I still feel we are there. I did get some other information. Let's look at this. 13303 expires on the 15th or 17th. It hasn't been renewed yet. One of 2 things will happen - we'll see the rv by then or they will renew it and we'll know we are a ways out. Today is the 9th. One way of the other your answer will be on the table. If it is extended... we area ways out. The other people you are referring to - ones I have talked to feels we are there. Intel has not changed. Last week almost every board saying the same thing. Today the same.

Saying this thing has come to an end and you will see it this week. Could be what I said or that all people saying that it is this week.

Dan: I am looking at these ?'s and a lot are redundant. We keep hearing about this 3 tiered thing - I don't think that is possible. Don't know if we will ever know. Might be something that happens but we can't answer. I don't think today or tomorrow but I also don't think it can go much longer. You get to a point that you are at a wall and I start over analyzing this stuff.. People saying why can't we just take it the way it is., We want to produce the news that we are seeing through out the internet - what we are seeing in the bis., imf, the govt and parliament... that has a little bit of a tell to it. The other side is part of put intel... sometimes good or bad.

We start hearing that information is coming from the fed or the Treasury... we've all fallen for that one and at times may be true. But do you think that the people at the secretarial level etc... really know about this. Or is it the top 4 -5 people who know. One thing that got me excited is this is multiple trillion dollars and I think it will be hushed up of the last day/hour. Most of people who understand banking day they don't think that will be the exposure to the largest shift of wealth. Very difficult for one of those agencies to tell us the day or hour. Getting multiple people saying we are close. It is almost over. Problem is coming on these boards and with our own enthusiasm we get everyone pumped up and then people buy reserves. That's what bothers me -
don't want people to lose that. Trying to as a group start cautioning ourselves. I am not being negative thinking it will go longer and longer... just want to decipher this. We got a call from another agency that pointed to this week being very plausible for this happening. That's about as positive ans I can put this week and the up and coming days. Not packing my bags and saying it is over. We haven't heard that yet.

Tony: The intel we got this am was that they were meeting. some kind of announcement of things made tomorrow. Doesn't mean its the rv. means an announcement about something. may be it is I don't know. I try to look at the whole picture... looking at our site,,, other sites... the whole thing. Are people just like us who have information they shouldn't have... got it in a passing way and it continues down to us.. In big picture we shouldn't know anything about it but here we are. Information continues to grow. For same reaason it is wrong could be right. Have been having this conversation a lot. With all honestly - we will do the roght thing. Bring you the best information but I am not going to feel guilty if you buy reserves or more. You are adults and you should know that already. I respsect you and love you but I am not going to feel guilty. I am giving you the information as it comes.

Dan: Why do you think all the people saying they are leaving? Okie is someone who has a love/hate relationship with a lot of people. We talk to him daily. Why would he be saying he is gone?

Tony: I talked to him yesterday. I hope he doesn't mind this. Feels he has been giving 100% of what he has been getting and it has been unappreciated. Said he is tired. At same time - I am hearing the same thing you are hearing Tony - that it is over. He is looking for it to happen tomorrow or Wednesday cause that is the information they got last nite. I got the same information. Don't know. A lot of people out there getting tired. We are hearing the goi will be announced and expect the rv to be right after it. Know people have flown over there to make some announcement. heard they tried to do it on Thursday and then again on Saturday.

The contracts are supposed to be coming out this week is what we are being told again. You see the newspaper articles as do we. Talking about removing 000's how the plan is completed, announcing their representatives... enough information or evidence or pieces of the puzzle to start completing this picture and that is the majority of the people receiving the information are saying. We don't claim to be gurus. We are getting information and we are giving information. Only talking about Okie not the rest of them He is 77 years old - has a reason to be tired.

Dan: That's basically what the?'s are. Wanted to bring something up here and talk about but lost that thread. A lot of people saying that even the timelines and the dates going on... want to know if we know why people are leaving at this moment. The truth about Ali and his office, I believe are family related. A couple of offices being run by his backing. Lends itself to that he has shut down the so cal area, where he is.

Talked to Ty - there is no clearing house person. He doesn't know about that. A rumor as well. A lot of rumors right now. Nothing going on with Ali except for that. Ty already gearing up for increased business. As people got to know Ty he became more trusting. In beginning only saw ali only and saw him on cnbc etc...

I told TY I needed to see someone - he became my dealer of choice. All the stuff you are hearing about Ali should be put to bed. Just doing what he needs to do for himself.

Tony: I agree with you. We researched the information about Ali ourselves. The thing about Ali in Kansas is nothing. Didn't have a license in KS and so for $20k now he does. You as individuals and what makes sense in that respect to be controversial. No controversy there. Shouldn't have been posted site to site. You have some responsibility. I know Check saying we want to do things better. You have some responsibility too.

Dan: Think you should always hold yourselves to a level of responsibility to make things better.

Tony: We get good intel. Just cause it's not the rv at 2 tomorrow... Still pieces of the puzzle. Things you wouldn't hear any other way. If I was on the other side I would appreciate that.

Dan : Actually goo. Positive affirmation. keep hearing we are in that timeline. Said that about Ty cause he had something about a lawsuit in AR but the mods pulled that down. Make sure you are getting your information from a credible source. If you knew the background - it is stupid, They settled cause it was just a hassle. Would be frustrating got people to find things without know in the whole thing. Careful what we post. Keep it to yourself unless we all want to see it..

Tony: As usual I think it will be an interesting night and day tomorrow. Don't stay up all night. I never do., Have never done iy and never will. The intel and the reason those guys saying goodbye is cause it is saying tonight and tomorrow. Other than that they wouldn't be saying that.

Dan: We are going to start foing on every conference call - a morning show early or late morning - a radio show of everything we can opull together on the phsyical noesws intel news and will discuss it with everyone we have on our calls. Every morning. News and rumors on that show. To do somehting mind of fun.

Every time we do a call, including tonight... kind of a race. On a radio show they will ask a ? and then they take the first 100 calls and take the 99th caller... in the subject line put the date of the call. Email is 25k@peoplestalkradio.com

At end of the broadcast we'll tell you what to put in that email.

Send it then. The 100th email - we'll send 25k to that person. We'll do that on everyone of our calls.

Dan - A guy doing the counting of this who has no agenda. Trying to keep this thing fresh. Part of this is camaraderie. Fact we get to do this with people we get ti to know is part of the fun. A building of something here I hope. We'll send out the 100k contest when that is done.

Today's email send to 25k@peoplestalkradio.com./ Subject line is today's date and message -
Just RV me.

Tony: The guys who entered the dartboard cosntest - I did get the 4 at support@ peoplestalkradio.com....

Dan: Tony - there are more than 4 on our boards. We'll have them all posted and then vote on them. I want no part of our contest.

Tony - You are a big part of it it is your picture.

? A lot of ?? on the board re the 13303 having nothing to do with the rv...

Tony: - Getting a call from Iraq so give me a minute.

Dan - I hate dead air time on a call. Simon - how did your call work out?

Simon - basically totally different sources from you and Tony - not people on the sites. Both said the same thing that Tony is referencing - that we are at the door and will see it soon. Some one posted on the chat while on the call - I hope Dan doesn't turn the firehouse on the call..... I know not what you are doing.

I am giving you as much as I've got. heard that we a re right here. Confirming what Tony said. Said for a year the closer we got the less information and the more confusing information is.

Dan: A little bit of confusion out there. I know that if you want to hear every piece of information we get. Is there something wrong with trying to see what is good bad or just made up. 3 or 4 weeks ago - I got upset that it was put out there that Shabbibi said it was going to rv and the date and time. I said that I don't believe they would telegraph to the world that their money was about to go up and would be up three thousand times. I don't see that is ever going to happen. Will fall in our lap. I am on that with you guys. I just don't believe these merchants are changing the tags in the stores. For intel - should we as intelligent people say - this is exciting intel or this makes no sense to me...

We can have that conversation if you guys think they will put it out there in advance so that we can go buy it by the billions tell me why. For the first time in history tell me why that would be. Can't see it happening that way. I don't like people thinking I am that stupid.

Don't think that was the point Dan. My point was that we've heard stories about other rv's int he past and how the news wasw the opposite till the day it happened. And misinformation designed to sit up the post to that people didn't get a grasp on what was happening.

Dan: - I just clicked off to call the guy that has been trying to reach me. One of the reasons I wanted him on here was cause of his understanding or the Kuwait rv. I am very pro of this dinar rv.

Tony: This call is already longer than we though. 13303 - someone says it expired last year in 2010. Originally it did yes. There was an extension put in until the 15th or 17th this year.

Read it carefully 0 it was giving us every right that an iraqi citizen has including owning dinar. Remember it was on the terrorist list., It just came off the list in December for us. In Canada in January. That is why that was put there. Prior to that we could not own the dinar. What happens when it expires? I don't really know. We got ours during that time. Maybe after that we can't get more? Maybe them plan was that there would be no need for it once it is a tradeable currency like every other one. If it wasn't going to be done by then - they don't usually wait till the last second.... We have 9 days to know and see how far out it is going to go. We'll know come the 17th.

Chat saying only having to do with the dinar when under the UN. Not now. Saying 13303 was in place so that we could invest in the country. Now that no longer listed as a terrorist currency why a need to extend it? If out in place while sanctions in place and no longer listed why a need for that?

Tony: Can you go to the bank and turn it in? Are some banks still saying they can't take it cause not on their list? It would be on every bank's list of the y could.

Wendy - It is not a true currency value for the country. My point is that if order was put in place while under the terrorist list and under sanctions that have been lifted - why do we need the order?

Tony- That is what I was saying. If it rv';s now it is tradeable.

Wendy - I am saying it is not tradeable. cause it doesn't reflect the true gdp of Iraq. Rate was mandated by imf. Thought main reason we couldn't purchase it was cause it was listed as a terrorist currency. If not listed that way anymore why do we have to hvae that order?

Would you agree that if we don't see an rv before that expires is that really a big deal? Even though not tradeable... we can own it but can't cash in cause it has no value.

Dan: That ? you just asked is easy to answer. If they don't extend the order then it doesn't mean anything. They aren't going to do everything they did, loss of life. all the $ for the investment etc... to have it over. That makes no sense. If it doesn't get extended it doesn't matter. If it does get extended then it does matter.

Tony: If it gets extended for a year or 6 months then we will know. It will be after the date they extend it.

Dan: The time line doesn't mean anything could be an rv the day after. Can;t go on much longer. The U S is in worse financial shape than Rome when it fell. Have done so much worldwide for other countries they are supported. Not going anywhere. This was meant to be one of the fixes. That fix isn't going away. Anying better to put money back in?

Wendy: Don't want people to freak out about the expiration date whatever it is... if it comes and goes and we don't see an extension don't want people to freak out. I believe in this 1000%. Don't believe this is about iraq. Think they are being made the scapegoat by the powers that be. If we knew everything we'd know the exact date. The unknowns are the hold up every week when ti was supposed to happen. The PTB did something and has nothing to do with Iraq.

Tony: Don't have to worry about it. Don't think they would tell us it was no good, after we went to Iraq we didn't trade with them cause we didn't agree with the rate. When this rv takes place will be different. Other countries did yes - we did not. Not as big a deal as others are making it. We are protected.

ButchB - another? here - Can every country in the world trade the iqd at this time? If not then 13303 does have something to do with it.

Tony - This was set up by the UN and the US - to have other countries buy it through dealers in the US. Governments would anywhere. That 1303 meant they could do that as citizens.

Got a brand new contact whose brother is in Iraq who will go down to the square everyday to see what is going on.

Dan - just so you know we have 4 -5 people like that.

Asked Tony to 3-way in Okie...

Okie is here Live and in person!

Okie - I am going to correct Tony - I am not 77 - yes Tony 69. Feel older than sand and rocks anyhow don't make me any more. Are you guys getting an implication of Wednesday that I am hearing? I have not elaborated and I kind of retired from the scene today. Heard that won't be much intel other than it has rv'd or will be. All these contributing little tidbits don't mean a hill of beans. These people that want every little tidbit let them go tot he library. I got up this morning and thought today would be a good day for me to start a new life. I am very satisfied that this is the week.

Tony; Me too.

Wendy - We have thousands of people listening to this call right now. We greatly appreciate all that you have done and endured and your intelligence and all you have done for us.

Okie - I've gone around the globe and met a lot of people in iraq, kuwait and that has been the primary source of my intel. Thank you I appreciate it so much.

Tony - That should make a lot you people happy

Okie - at least you know Okie isn't as old as Methusala as Tony said., going to get even with Tony and kidnap his dog or something.

Okie - I have really enjoyed the time I have listened to PTR - Tony and I have formed a bond of being very close friends. I have always been kind of on Tony's side. Know I shouldn't pick and choose but Tony and I are good friends.

Wendy - Come join us in SF.

Oki -According to scheduling I would really enjoy that. Thank you for having me and thank you Tony.

Tony - Got to go. It was great. Tomorrow am the radio show - different format.

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