Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Guys taking JP Morgan out of the Silver Manipulation Game.

It was just a matter of time before the Good Guys took JP Morgan out of the Silver Manipulation Game. News out today that the UK is looking into the LME warehousing of metal in London...the heart of the physical metal manipulation operations.

Lawmakers Ask Watchdog About LME Warehousers

This will be followed up by the US regulatory officials actually DOING the job they are supposed to do. REALLY!! When you ask? My guess is by late July after Commissioner Wenjet is approved. He will vote with Gensler and Chilton.

The significance of this should not be underestimated. These rules have the power to handcuff the banking cabal enough such that they lose CONTROL of our "free markets". Make no mistake. Un-backed fiat money CANNOT SURVIVE without total and complete computer price control of commodities.

We are inching towards the global destruction of ALL un-backed fiat currencies. This will take down all paper and electronic "ASSETS" and clean the slate for a return to a gold/silver standard in the US. Of course, Ron Paul would be a "shoe-in" for President after this happens...FINALLY!

Keep an eye out for US legal indictments of JP Morgan for market manipulation in SILVER but it might come from the FBI before the anything the CFTC chimes in.

The Bad Guys are running scared and may press the Global Financial Meltdown Button at any moment to create a cover of chaos. Stay indoors with your physical silver close at hand.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PO Box 10626, Oakland, CA 94610, USA

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Anonymous said...

The games being played with silver on Comex are infamous. People have known of this for years and nothing has been done and still it may fail to be prosecuted.
With QE3 underway and now a blatantly forged birth certificate exposed for public viewing we are going to face several possible scenarios; 1. Martial Law to be declared. 2. another ww3 with Pakistan against China or Russia. or 3. With the declaration/speeches against Israel and the massive ,often stated support for the Islamic Brotherhood in the Arab/ Moslem countries, the probability of an allout assault by Iran and others against Israel becomes more possible daily. This is a scenario that will inevitably lead to Nuclear war. Israel will not be destroyed willingly or quietly and they will destroy those countries quickly and easily
at horrific cost to all of us.
The problem we have to be aware of is the utter and amazing arrogance of Obama. He does not fear anything! Why would that be so unless the next step is absolute control and a dictatorship
for the USA. Is there a plan in place to set up some operation that takes all the attention away from issues at home? Certainly, false flag ops and WMDs and pocket wars on terrorism have kept justice away from their duties to the people of the USA.
With the operations of FEMA, the use of the Patriot Act, massive new Bills in Congress, US acts of terrorism abroad, the friendly fondling of the TSA, uncontrolled and massive illegal immigration from Mexico, what can we expect?
Obama's history , as a child, as a muslim and his current actions really indicate and allow only one conclusion and that is that he is a radical islamic fundamentalist! Certainly, his people and the actions of his Government against the economy and lives of the USA clearly show their desire to destroy the USA as a christian country and as a super power.
Where and when WW3 start will be the issues of tomorrow.
Will the Mayan Doomsday clock end with the actions of a muslim president and wars started with his determined support?