Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Benjamin Fulfors - 5-31-11

Found posted on the NESARA skype room

May 31, 2011

A Western military invasion of Saudi Arabia’s oil-fields is scheduled for this summer, according to CIA and MI6 sources. The aim of this invasion will be to try to grab control of the world’s oil supplies and simultaneously provoke Pakistan and then China into starting a World War, the sources say.

Meanwhile, Western intelligence officials say that “Al-Qaeda” is planning to hit the headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland with a Nuclear weapon on or around June 1st, citing a top “Al Qaeda” official as his source. The leaks of these and other dramatic “planned events,” are probably posturing in preparation for the announcement of the new financial system.

However, the Saudi Invasion plan has been corroborated by a broad variety of sources within the BIS, the Rothschild family and the agency sources mentioned above, making it a high probability event. This move is an attempt by the money printing side of the leading Khazarian families to maintain control over the financial system of the West by seizing the world’s key oil resources. They know Pakistan has promised to protect Saudi Arabia and China Pakistan so clearly they are hoping this move will finally set off World War 3 and their long sought “end-times” battle between “Gog” and “Magog.” Such a war would stave off their imminent bankruptcy and loss of power.

The threat to nuke the BIS is from a group that claims to be opposed to these plans. We have been able to independently confirm that at least some of the members of this group are connected to both intelligence agencies and the international drug mafia. Below is the text of e-mails received from them and forwarded to various intelligence and police agencies:

There are 4 rogue nuclear devices which were removed from the Kursk Submarine back in 2000. Everyone must understand that the nuclear devices controlled by various militaries around the world are NOT at the disposal of our enemies. All of those devices are accounted for, every single last one of them, and all of the militaries around the world are sitting on the fence waiting to see how this will play out. So, one of the 4 devices was already detonated and caused the Japanese Earthquake. 3 remain. My information is that one ( or more ) will be detonated on June 1st, blamed on Al Qaeda in an effort by the Satan worshiping Obama Administration to start WW3. (May 25)

B.I.S. is about to turn to dust. This just came in directly from the new Al Qaeda #1.(May 29th).

Firstly regarding the nuclear device which will be detonated imminently. The best lead we have is that an individual called Bob Swan can provide information leading to its discovery.

Our best information is that Bob Swan can be found at the following location :Flat 1, 2 The Mount. St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38OHR, England.

Secondly, An informant from the USA Navy Air Craft Carrier Carl Vincent, Recently docked at Manila Bay, Philippines, the ship which allegedly dumped Osama Bin Laden’s dead body at sea, has informed Mi6 Agent Peter Stevens that the entire operation in Abottabat, Pakistan was a fabrication. According to multiple sources including the NSA, FSB, and family, confirm that Osama Bin Laden has in fact been dead since Dec13, 2001. The current United States Administration is little more than a fraud that does the bidding of Their Rothschild Masters and are on the verge of initiating WW3 unless something is done. (May 30)
End of quotes.

A CIA source dismissed these warnings as bluffs and said they were not to be taken seriously. However, it is very clear Japan was attacked with a sea-bed nuclear weapon that triggered an Earthquake and Tsunami and these sources did warn us beforehand that Japan was the imminent target of nuclear terror. The warnings were dismissed at the time.

It is also worth noting many attacks can be prevented by issuing warnings beforehand so even if nothing happens, it is worth passing on these messages.

It is further worth noting the sudden change in tone between Obama and the UK Government following his visit last week. The President who returned a bust of Winston Churchill given by the UK and who was snubbed from royal wedding invitation list was suddenly kissing British ass big time and talking about Anglo Saxon solidarity.

There has also been a sudden change in the general attitude towards Israel with Obama and practically everybody else (except for Canada’s shame, the Zionist slave and arch-traitor Harper) has been twisting the Israeli’s arms into finally reaching a peace agreement with their neighbours. This is a sign of a clear loss of power by the radical right wing Zionist lobby.

On a different note, G8 meeting last week failed to discuss, as originally planned, replacing the US dollar with a new currency controlled by the IMF. This plan was endorsed by Treasury Secretary Geithner and other Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate members but has now apparently been quietly trashed along with DSK’s career. Instead, the dollar is now expected to be purged of fraudulent book entries before becoming commodity-backed and melded into the new financial system

Benjamin Fulford 5-31-11


Anonymous said...

Fulford update 06/01/2011,
BIS attack cancelled. The intelligence source that told us the BIS was going to be targeted with a nuclear explosion, says the attack has been cancelled, because a $136 million payment was made to the group making the threat. FROM: http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure the Benjamin Fulford is working for the light. He sure posts a lot of information that is negative and increases fear levels in people.

If the world is going to go to s**t then let it go to s**t. Who wants to prepare for that? He really ought to be reporting on the really great changes that are occuring and leave the behind the scenes nasty deeds to be dealt with by the parties that have the ability to deal with such things.

Anonymous said...

Good thing that the people are more and more questioning and inquiring for truth with today fast growing awareness and information sharing/cooperating to really see if the one with these so called ability to deal with it intentions/results. We live in very special times. This time can be made to create/destroy, love/fear, unite/divide, birth/death, evolve/halt... now is time to create what world we really inspired to. We all have gifts, talents, a deep knowing of what we are and most importantly now a days what we are not. Change is a universal law so hang on because that is what we are getting friends :-)

Anonymous said...

June 1st has past and I havent seen any news agency stating that the swiss bank was attacked by al quaida or what ever they are called. So I am assuming that the swiss bank was not attacked. The CIA would never leak any information if they were going to attack the oil wells in Saudi. It wouldnt be the CIA that would attack it. It would be the US miltary. I can tell you that most of the ones in the miltary are tired of being used to rescue other countries. I have heard their complaints for 20 years or so. I can tell you most military personell only serve about 4 or five years and get out of the miltary. They get all these promises from recruters that lie to them. So they sign up for the military. They stay until their contract is up and they get out. I have never heard of a group called the M16. That is a name of weapon military would use. I really doubt if there is a group called that. I think this is nothing but a rumor that some idiot started to hate the US. I am an American. I do love my country for the freedom I have. I am proud for my ancestors for giving their lives to protect this country in the past. I have been ashamed at some of the stuff that our government has been doing. Just because I am an American I didnt elect the ones in office. I voted for the other man that didnt make office. I can tell you that it is not our fault as regular people at what our government is doing behind our backs. I have no animousity agaist the ones in office. I know that if they dont do their job like we want them to do. Then we can vote at the next election and fill their position with what we have been offered to vote on. The good ones never make it on the ballot. People are tricked into electing the wrong person in the primaries. I can not control another person, but I can only control myself. If WWIII or Jihad or armegedeon some people call it, it will come. I know that I do not want to be on this planet when it comes. I am hoping a huge mother space ship is on its way here to take some of us off this Earth that are good holy people. A lady asked me what I wanted to do with my rest of my life. Where is the one place I would like to go and see? I told her the only thing that I want out of life is to go to heaven. There is too much evil on this earth. People dont want to depart from it. There is good on this earth, but the evil is taking over and I dont want to live on this planet anymore. I am hoping that God keeps his promise and takes us good people off this planet and return us when this planet is safe again. Besides I want to see my grandparents and uncles and aunts that I miss. My cousins that are in heaven. I want to thank God for all he has done for me, my chidren, my parents, my neices, nephews, and siblings. The beautiful planet. If I was God, I would be very upset at how humans have destroyed this planet. It was hard work for God to make this planet and our countries leaders want to detroy it with war, and nuclear weapons. That part I can not figure out why humans would want to destroy our planet. When I go out into the woods, I see some beautiful animals, plants, and insects. I watch the animals and insects. I learn from the animals, and insects. It is beautiful. We have the beautifullest planet in our solar system. We can live on it. We dont know for sure if there is another planet like ours to live on. I hope that everyone on this planet will wake up and start working together as a team and get along with each other. We can share this planet. The wars on this planet nowdays are fought over petroleum oil. Yet gasoline can be made from corn, and diesel can be made from used cooking oil. So why fight over oil when every country has this other resource. Personally I think it is stupid. Then that is my oppinion.