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Dinar Intel Update 5-20-11

I got this from Some of these comments were from the calls yesterday. Pretty good. We are still on an hourly watch. God bless! ~~s.

5-20-2011 Guru FranklySpeaking Something is going on with the rate of the Dinar but its being kept quiet…. I feel the RI-RV has been activated...they have not announced the 3 ministers yet… and we may never see it announced and they just blend into the background – the rate will just be released…the rate has been introduced to the GOI and activated in the budget and is paying bills –maybe they released the rate behind closed doors then make the real announcement when parliament comes back?...we are in FINAL BLUE alert we are looking at the 23rd to the 28th that something is going to happen with the RV…from incredible sources

5-20-2011 Guru TonyTNTWe heard from 3 different sources today [yesterday] in Iraq...each one had a different rate, but what was consistent with each of them was that the RV has occurred within Iraq...It's only a matter of time before it gets to us...Forget about the rate and date because I feel we are here...It's time to get ready and protect your wealth...

5-20-2011 Guru Tony TNT The guy in Dubai was given a cash receipt for his dinar. This simply means that they took his dinar and gave him a balance of $21,000,000 in his bank acct. He cannot actually withdraw the money until the RV becomes official.This should be exciting to you for 2 reasons:
1. They actually took the dinar and give him a balance in his acct.
2. The balance that they gave him lets you know that the rate is at least $4.41
The only reason a bank would do this is because we are close enough to the real thing.

5-19-201 Guru Poppy2 I feel we are right on top of this thing...I have no idea what is holding this up...with all of sources no one seems to know....but it's something.

5-19-2011 Guru Okie_oil_man Treasury source highest source possible on Monday said it can't go past midnight...Tuesday said it can't go past midnight...Wednesday said it can't go past midnight...heard the same thing today...this is where we are...$4.40 rate quoted to me from US senator...

5-19-2011 Guru TonyTNT Dubai cash in clarification/update---this is a man Tony and Check personally know...The gentleman says he went to the bank in Dubai, they said the rate is $4.21...the man gave the bank 5 million dinar and they gave him a receipt for $21 million dollars...the bank can't release the money until the RV is announced...The RV has been confirmed in Iraq by multiple sources now...

5-19-2011 Guru SteveI Steve was asked, "So it's [the RV] done???"...SteveI responds...I will say 95% sure [it's done] it needs to filter through the system now...I'm personally looking at Monday or maybe Tuesday at the latest...I've had too many people tell me this news...not one negative source yet...

5-19-2011 Guru Adam Montana Director of the IMF resigns...this could potentially be a very good thing for us...the old IMF director wasn’t moving very fast let’s be on the lookout for some good news...this is a perfect opportunity for some GOOD movement...

5-19-2011 Guru TonyTNT Call yesterday about a man in called his wife in New Jersey and said get the Dinars together and meet me in Dubai...They cashed out 15 million dollars at a bank rate of $4.21...Contractor Paul spoke with 2 separate trusted Iraqis...both said it RVed 2 days ago in said rate of $1.50 and the other said $1.81...Obama would not have been that blatant in his speech if Iraq oil/money was not secured...The RV is eminent...our day is coming and our numbers are coming...

5-19-2011 Guru Checkmate President's speech sums it up--Iraq is done, which one is next...The Future of US is bound to the ME. We are on an hourly RV watch now...banking/forex boards were red...then turned amber waiting for green generally turns green within 72 hours of turning amber (we are at 72 hours today)

5-19-2011 Guru Tony Guidelines that must be fulfilled to RV are being done now...we are in the very final days...13303 only extended till the end of June...this is a good thing--UN and US deadlines are now matched. On a side note: No one called me to tell me not to say anything...other sites called and asked him to take down the site...being a good neighbor he did.

5-19-2011 Guru Ray I was talking to a guy from Iraq that I met a few months ago who told us at that time that the dinar will never revalue, he now says he is 99.9% sure that it is going to happen, CBI has everything done & people are excitedly talking about the revalue in multiple cities around Iraq.

5-19-2011 Guru SteveI This is my last reply on this forum []. ; All future updates will be done thru a mod or qualified member I choose...
(going into semi-retirement this time)

5-19-2011 Guru Nighthk11 Full gov’t announced=RV...without directive from UNSC/Sec Gen-US Prez/Vice Prez- they would have been gone on vacation already...we should have a final decision before end of this week barring no more nonsense...

5-19-2011 Guru Adam Montana so here’s the truth about the extension [13303]: it’s not going to expire on June 30, regardless of what some are saying...President Obama’s intent to extend the Order for another year and that tells me that EVERYONE involved is willing to wait as long as it takes in order to make sure this is successful for all involved... – I haven’t experienced any kind of blackout...there was no legitimate blackout of any kind

5-19-2011 Guru SteveI I have to admit publicly that I was wrong...A couple months ago I stated I had a drop dead date of May 10th...The 2011 budget was built around a rate (the revaluation)...Our team felt that once it [budget] was published officially it would be set in stone...So guess what, they released part of it (THIS IS HUGE) and not officially published it in the Gazette. My very first error and not accurate prediction.

5-19-2011 Guru Nighthk11 The fact that they are still there without vacation or recess is an indication that they have taken certain directives from the UNSC/Moon in a very serious we must see if IMF will relax their requirements and allow for Shabibi to release the RV...Absolute deadline is June 30 when all protection runs out – however mechanisms must be in place well before that date either 30-45 days...if 45 days – we are there NOW....Bottom line here folks – is they are not going anywhere without the foundation for the new govt which is the Erbil Agreement – alternative is to start over

5-19-2011 Guru Randy Koonce- I understand that everything is done, ministers picked, agreements signed, all we need is a vote, supposedly meeting today for the vote & RV will be shortly afterwards.

5-19-2011 Guru Checkmate I don't know, it should have happened this afternoon, they're still saying tonight, just hold on it is about to happen,.. I am right where you are, on pins and needles!...PS there are a few things that are speaking to the opening of the CBI in the morning, thats 3:00AM EDT. 5-6 more hours!

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I have been invested in dinar for over 6 years and have followed most of the dinar sites as a guest until today. I feel with all the disinformation swirling around as bad as it is, I needed to share what I know to be true. What I am going to share with you is first hand information that I received today.

(ryno bear) a female acquaintance of mine works for a 3-letter agency in Virginia, and her director just got out of 90 minute teleconference with officials from homeland security, the fbi, and the white house. A Big Part of the current hold-up with the RV has been tracking the many ex-cons, gang leaders, and terroists in and outside of the U.S. that are currently holding sizeable amounts of iqd. This tracking/location project has been ongoing for many months and is almost complete. I was told by my female acquaintance that once this project is finalized the RV will be initiated. She told me that her director was all smiles coming out of the meeting today as much progress has been made. No rates or dates here, just solid facts that we are close to this taking place. Rest easy, we are one day closer.

If I receive any future updates that pertain to our investment, I will be selective, but I will pass on what I can.

Pre-recorded CC call in # is 760-569-7699 - 387717 #
for late-night call May 19.

Short and to the point ...16 min.
Hope this helps all of you,


Anonymous said...

"A Big Part of the current hold-up with the RV has been tracking the many ex-cons, gang leaders, and terroists in and outside of the U.S. that are currently holding sizeable amounts of iqd."

That includes everyone in D.C. This is going tt take a while.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John for your continued efforts, but I am on your needs list and am constantly disappointed by suppossed payouts from week to week. I am beginning to doubt the validity of your intel.