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Greetings from Alpha Spaceship! by Kris Won May 8, 2011

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Greetings from Alpha Spaceship! by Kris Won May 8, 2011

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Date: Monday, 9-May-2011 06:50:00

Kris Won, May 8, 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

According to the intentions of their speakers, you will know if they really come to help you or if they have other things in mind. This advice can be applied in all spheres, not only in the terrestrial sphere.

Until only a few years ago, you had to be very alert about the communications you were receiving (some contactees know this well, like Sixto Paz and Eugenio Siracusa, among others), for there was on the surface of your planet some visiting civilizations whose interest was more of a scientific nature (for their science, obviously) than a spiritual one. They had not come to help you evolve spiritually, but to study your behaviour and also your genetics, and to understand how your internal organs functioned.

You named them "the Greys" because of their skin colour. There are famously sad abduction cases in which members of your human race were beamed into their small laboratory-spaceships where they were observed and studied by those small beings.

They gave all of us the same reputation, that extraterrestials had come to kidnap and terrorize you, and in that way they put us all in the same "bag" - no matter who we were, no matter what intention we had.

Also the wish of some filmmakers to produce sensationalistic and frightening movies has contributed to the expansion of that lie, that we all come with those same selfish and egoistic intentions.

But since a few years ago, close to the turn of the millennium, the Galactic Federation decided to intervene in order to protect the population of the Earth and to dissolve the agreement and plot that the Greys had organized together with some members of the United States government.

Although there were other countries who were aware of this plot, it was explicitly the United States military government who had made this agreement with the Greys, especially the military command of that North American country.

The Federation intervened in order to protect the innocent population, mostly in the United States, for many of them were being used as guinea pigs, with the approval of the military and certain North American Secret Espionage Agencies.

It (the Galactic Federation) intervened with a complex logistical plan, starting by disabling those visitors' technology, and ending with their capture inside their own spaceships, banishing them from this planet and sending them back to their Solar System of origin, one very close to yours.

Once the first part of the plan, the Greys' evacuation, was concluded, a grid formed through a type of energy unknown to you on this planet was created, one that is self-intelligent - without having a life of its own, for it has been weaved through our technology - and capable of discerning the type of visitor trying to gain access to your atmosphere and ground.

Well, if a visitor or visitors don't have a pure and altruistic intention to help the population, this help possibly having a whole array of characteristics, the energetic grid will impede their access to this planet.

In this way, the Galactic Federation makes sure that no other exterior civilization with intentions similar to that of the Greys can interfere with the Ascension process to which you have a right, by express decision of He Who Is All Love and All Mercy.

We don't deny to you that there have been occasions when we have had to adopt drastic measures with some civilizations who came with hostile purposes or, at the very least, with no intention to help you; but you can count these cases with the fingers of one hand because the vast majority of visits that you have had since the beginning of the new millennium have been those of (your) brothers who have come to help, not to experiment or to extract minerals from the earth's crust of your planet.

I have explained this to you so that you are calm, knowing that your process of elevation to the fifth dimension is being protected by all of us, as well as by the precise technology of the energetic grid surrounding Gaia since a few years of your Earth time.

The internal events occurring on your planet in which you yourselves play a leading role, and which you have knowledge of because you see them on your daily newscasts, are another matter we will speak of in another communique later on.

May the Light of the Infinite and Eternal Creator of all worlds surround you and fill you with Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won


Anonymous said...

We are obviously being controlled by the reptilians and Rockefellers who are feasting on blood and children. If the Galactic Federation is so kind, why have they not RID this planet of these reptiles?

Anonymous said...

Good questions!!! Way to go...