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Obama Birth Certificate IS A PHONEY!

BREAKING !! ITS PHONY Photoshop Expert And Author Mara Zebest Declares That Obama's Latest Hawaiian Birth Certificate Is A Complete Phony...

Oh my, this should get Obama's panties in a wad. I guess his latest release of another fake [link to] birth certificate was an epic failure. Just wait until more people get word that the new one is as fake as the first one. Oh and wait until Dr. Corsi's new book [link to] hits the New York Times bestseller list. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, commie obots!

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ObamaRelease YourRecords on 4:24 PM


Cites Very Well-Known and Irrefutable Graphic Specialist's Evidence

see pic
showing many his books on the subject of Graphics
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By Pro Graphics

Yes, The Globe is only a tabloid magazine You know, the same type that broke the John Edwards scandal and destroyed his seemingly-certain Presidential aspirations. Like the one that broke the Bill Clinton scandal. In its (as of this writing, current) May 16, 2011 issue, The Globe [link to] has a banner headline that reads,


! see pic of THE GLOBES front page headline
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This story is actually extremely important. It takes what many of us have said publicly - and proven - by the tens of thousands and puts those facts on every magazine rack in America, in front of millions of Americans at checkout counters every day. The same magazine racks that average people pass by the millions each day. The same ones that senators and congressman pass each day. The same ones that White House personnel see every day. The same one Trump will see because the headline also has his face on it - it seems Trump is now officially and publicly stuck with dealing with the issue of the forgery even if he wanted to avoid it, which seems unlikely, and he is certain to read the story .

In it, the story quotes a very important source: "It's absolutely a fake!" declares Mara Zebest, author of several books on how to use computers and alter documents." In fact, Zebeth has co-authored no less than 17 books on the subject of advanced computer graphics, at least one of which sit on the shelves of virtually every advanced photoshop user in every English-speaking country. She writes for the beginner and intermediate user, but professionals instantly and instinctively recognize from her writing and examples the extensive depth of her skill. When she writes for the intermediate user, she isn't stretching up, but dumbing down her own instincts and abilities to meet the user's level. Every higher-level professional knows this about Zebeth. This is not just "a professional" earning a salary, somewhere - Zebeth is professionally respected by everyone in the business, even those who learned the program from the very beginning, long before she began writing, yours truly included. Her credibility is beyond any question.

Here are some Amazon and other links that prove it:

[link to]

[link to]

In The Globe, Zebest goes on at length explaining, "There's all this evidence showing the document was build from different sources."

On several sites an online treatise by Zebeth is quoted as saying, "This is so maddening to listen to the media on this recent revelation… it’s such an obvious fake.... Lastly, look at the attached 1961 sample image found on the Internet of a legitimate 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificate (which someone posted to show what a real certificate would look like from that year in Hawaii)… look at the marks on this Internet version and you can see this was the template for Obama’s BC handiwork. The handwriting is exactly the same between posted Internet image and Obama’s fake version — the placement of boxes and marks are in the exact same position, dates are where the modified clipping masks occur to adjust dates to fit for Obama, but the handwriting of dates match (except for the clipping mask changes). Even the Cert. number is only off by the last two digits (which…you guessed it… happens to be a clipping mask layer)."

This particular graphics expert and special effects supervisor/consultant writing this article concurs. As do thousands of others. In seeming solidarity with this writer/graphics professional, she says something in The Globe about the forgery that I have said from the outset on this site, others have also, and still believe: "There is an element of amateurishness about it". Indeed.

If you want to get some small sense of Zebeth's degree of technical complexity, while the following is not earth-shattering as an example, and is designed for the beginner/moderate user, it certainly tops out at many. many times above what would be required to make the obvious fake put out by the White House, which she, me and so many others document categorically in our professional opinions as an unquestionable forgery.

Read one of her technical articles, at the well-respected site, CreativePro, [link to]

As this writer has also said, The Globe cites the ghosts of the Nixon and Clinton scandals, the history of which is now eerily echoing a firm resonance through this issue of Obama's citizenship. As always, as liberals used to say about Watergate, it isn't the crime, it's the cover-up. Yes. Prediction: Obama does not last through this scandal for longer than another 6 months at best, even with a complicit media. The cat is out of the bag: Obama's long form birth certificate for which he has claimed authenticity is a fake and enough media has picked up on it bolstered by expert testimony to make this the end-game. Even if Obama were somehow innocent in the forgery, which seems impossible given the way he has fought disclosure of his own records, no one would - or should - believe him. No teleprompter or collusive health record officials can save him, now, from the political and possible legal consequences of his own irresponsible and possibly illegal actions. He's finished. Stay on the issue and keep it coursing through the veins of this country's citizenship. The final conclusion and end to this nightmare is finally at hand.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to happen to Obama. It's already been established without a doubt that he was not born in the U.S. His own grandmother and uncle claim he was born in Kenya. Obama could come out tomorrow and claim he was not a U.S. citizen and nothing would happen. The courts are paid off and the sheeple are dumbed down and asleep. He'll be back next election and will be reelected if the Elite want him to be.