Friday, May 20, 2011

A Time of Great Stretching Has Begun


A Time of Great Stretching Has Begun

May 19, 2011

Children, I am causing you to begin to stretch out your wings. I am drawing you out of your comfort zones. I am bringing you out from the perimeters that you have been comfortable and secure in. I have taught you how to fight, and how to stand, and now I say, stretch forth your hands! It is time to enlarge your territories at My Command! What I have brought to birth, should I not also cause to inherit that which you are destined to accomplish and to be? Surely it shall not come as you have supposed. It will come, and as it does, you shall move in response to Me, and as you believe in that which I have prepared you for, you shall stretch and enlarge even more!

Do not be concerned with that which must travail. All things are being weighed within My Scales. What you must do is continue to walk into that which is unfolding before you. I have enlarged you to now grow outward. Do not be weighed down with the cares of this world, and with the burdens of those things that will surely crumble before Me in this hour. What is destined to be removed shall weaken and fall before Me as it is proved. That which is lifted up in itself in this hour shall be leveled before My Gaze. I see the hearts of the proud and of the strong and also of the needy. But the root of most is hard and greedy. That which is given to Me will walk in sincerity and in humility, and shall stay by My Side. That which walks in greed and pride will have a hard rough ride. For I shall distribute that which is just to both sides.

Just as My Bowels have begun to pour, so shall My Floods increase even more. Not all have understood the breaking and the shaking and the floods that have broke forth. These were only waves of the emerging birth! Oh, the enlarging of My Hand, surely, it shall greatly expand even more! I have accomplished a very deep work, and even so, the depths have yet to roar and the enlarging shall signal the rising tide. The signs have been given within My Bride. She has emerged and shall stretch forth her wings. She shall accomplish great and mighty things! Oh, the debates shall grow. The debacles will continue to show. What shall change, quickly it shall change. What shall rearrange, shall be thoroughly rearranged. What shall rise, shall stand boldly in many lands. What shall pass away, shall also have it’s day. The Time of Great Stretching has come. I have signaled to the Winds, and the sounds shall be heard for many days, and many shall be shaken to their cores, but this shall serve to launch them through their doors! I know what My Winds are for!

Fear not, for My Hand has guided you, and I have provided for you, and I have shown you what is true and the things that you shall do. Do not measure things as you have in the past. Do not refer to this day, as being that which you will continue to dwell in, in the same old ways. Upheavals are normal in cycles of birth and of change. You must stretch yourself within your faith, and let My Hand straighten things as they shall become. For you cannot measure Me in this Hour as you have done in the past. I am Eternal. I am All-Knowing. I am the One that shakes every land. I am the One that awakens every man. I am the One that brings forth the birth and the earthly worth. That which you see as permanent shall pass away before Me. I know that which shall now begin. You must arise and listen to My Voice. You shall hear Me as you seek My Face.

I have many surprises ahead for My People. That which looks formidable before you shall bow, and that which has troubled you for My Purposes, shall be seen and understood clearly now. Within the Great Stretching shall be heard new sounds. Great ripples shall race across the human race. Oh the time is now to be seeking my Face! My Arenas shall be filled. My Gates shall be guarded aright. I shall deal with many who have been rebellious overnight! A Great Awakening shall burst forth at the seams, and many shall say, Oh we have surely dreamed! My Armies and My Angels have amassed, even as men and their nations plans have also amassed. But we shall see that which shall stand and what shall last! For My People shall enlarge and shall stand boldly even until the end! It is Time for the Great Stretching to begin!

Isaiah 54:2 "Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. 3 For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left, and your offspring will possess the nations and will people the desolate cities.

Isaiah 54:2-5 TM "Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family. You're going to take over whole nations; you're going to resettle abandoned cities. Don't be afraid—you're not going to be embarrassed. Don't hold back—you're not going to come up short. You'll forget all about the humiliations of your youth, and the indignities of being a widow will fade from memory. For your Maker is your bridegroom, his name, God-of-the-Angel-Armies! Your Redeemer is The Holy of Israel, known as God of the whole earth.

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