Sunday, May 15, 2011

I delight in you!


The Spirit of the Lord says;
Do not come down from the wall of assignment that I have called you to build upon. Continue to follow through with what I have spoken to you. I have given you specific tasks to perform. Obedience is the key in walking this through to the fullness of all that I have ordained for you to do. This is the time to occupy, to stand watch over the certain walls that you are anointed to marshal. With every strategic position I have placed the appropriate Body part to achieve the highest potential. Complete My building that we started together, while you praise Me for My ingenuity. For I have brilliantly used the things that the enemy tried to bring you down with, to cause you to keep your hands to the task.
It will be the faithful ones that stayed with their assignment that will receive the privilege to open the gates to many entering into the Kingdom. For even now there is on the horizon a great awakening of those who have had their lights turned off. The lights that they trusted in and looked to for their leading has dimmed. The man-made lights that once enlightened their steps and was leading them far off and away from the narrow pathway has been growing faint. Now they find themselves stumbling in the darkness. You have the light and you are My children of the light. This is now the time to shine, shine through the darkness, and bring all those who are wandering into My enlightened steps. That's why the enemy has tried to confuse you by sending waves upon waves of trouble to reach you, to bring you down from the walls of authority that I placed you on. I know that you think that I have taken a long time constructing and preparing in order to bring your dreams and desires to pass, but I Am the Finisher. I will complete everything that I started, and I never forget your labor of love. What we are building is great and glorious for the Kingdom.
Now the enemy is looking at you and he sees that you will not come down.
I delight in you!
and he is afraid. He realizes that as you continue to yield to Me, I will come alongside and cause you to finish the assignment that I ordained. So no matter what you are going through and no matter how it comes to try to bring you down from building, do not fear I will uphold you and teach your hands to war. I desire to impact this world with My imprint of My Kingdom and I Am doing it through each one of My children. You wield a great influence, and we can finish in record time, only do not be distracted from your assignment.
Scripture References: Nehemiah 4-6; Mtt. 5:14-16; Phil. 1:6; Heb.12:2

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