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SaLuSa 02-May-2011

SaLuSa 02-May-2011

As you are finding out time is not constant, and according to what you are doing it will sometimes seem to speed up so that you convinced you have lost time. It shows how you have moved into a vibrational mode of a higher level of consciousness. Eventually time will no longer be experienced as linear and it will all be in the “Now”, as in reality the past, present and future are all One. It is why we can state quite positively that at our level of observation, Ascension has already taken place. The process of Ascension is gradually changing your body and whole outlook, as of course it is to be expected and is a quite natural occurrence. There are also those souls that are not responding to the higher energies, and in fact have little or no interest in that process. There is as a result a separation occurring between the two groups, and this will determine which of them ascend or leave the Earth for a different destination. It is all part of the Divine Plan and based on Universal Law, which ensures each soul proceeds correctly to the next stage of their evolution.

In the context of what is due to take place in the remaining period leading up to Ascension, your upliftment is really the most important issue. The preparations for a quantum leap into the future are necessary to introduce you to an almost entirely different life style. There is a gap that needs to be bridged resulting from the deliberate actions of the Illuminati to hold you back. It has left you in a perpetual state of need, and prevented you from experiencing the advantages that new technological advances would have given you. Consequently most of you have struggled to exist, and almost all Third World countries have lived in continual poverty. You are to experience abundance and peace before the end times arrive, and once you have ascended you will move into a most wondrous and fulfilling time. The Earth is beautiful in its present form, but once ascended it will be a showcase of perfection and truly a heavenly abode. Equally you will be its appointed guardians and will have reached an understanding, that allows for your full appreciation of Mother Earth’s place in your lives as a fully conscious Being.

We of the Galactic Federation are also part of your destiny, and not simply here to guide you onwards. We are part of you and together we will re-unite again and become as One, as we move on to the next stage of evolution. You are at last returning to the levels of consciousness you were at previously. The veils of separation are lifting, and it will not be long before you realize who you truly are and reclaim your sovereignty. In spite of what some of you feel, you are worthy of the opportunity that is before you and should take it with two hands. It will be thousands of years before one again comes along again. It is of course entirely your choice, and be assured you would have been well informed of it before you came to Earth for this lifetime. If you feel drawn to the idea of Ascension, then most certainly you will be one who has decided to be part of it. Do not be concerned as to whether you are ready for it, as already your consciousness levels will be rising. This may well be apparent from the subtle changes you are experiencing within yourself. You will find a greater control over yourself where thoughts and emotions are involved, and more able to centre yourself so that you remain calm and peaceful regardless as to what goes on around you. Indeed, you can bring a measure of calmness to others by simply being around them.

We realize you are tired and frustrated at the long wait for an obvious sign of positive changes. Yet within the turmoil and chaos presently taking place, are the first signs of a major cleansing occurring. Understand that the Earth is polluted with negative energies, which must be cleared away before peace can be established. It is sad that certain souls who are directly involved in such issues are in the thick of it, but it is often their choice to atone for actions taken that have led to it. It releases karma and ultimately will enable a new positive energy to be grounded in those areas. There are of course physical changes that must also take place, and it is these that we monitor to keep any damage and loss of life to a minimum. We stress that it is not our right to interfere with your life plans, which for some of you means you will be in places where the most activity occurs. It does not in any way deny you the same opportunity to ascend as every other soul, as even following the death of the physical body it can still take place.

We are more active than ever, as the Earth reels once again because of the upsurge of negative events. However, Mother Earth is aware that it is all part of the vital cleansing that must be completed before all can ascend. You can expect outbreaks of violent changes, as the energies of Earth are subject to the effects of the powerful Light energies coming in. The lower energies are being transmuted quicker than ever, and it is bringing a more peaceful outcome. As Beings of Light they are also lifting you up, and we recommend that you take the necessary time needed to allow them to be absorbed into your body. It is after all gradually changing, and will continue to do so until its cells become crystalline and able to contain a greater degree of consciousness. You are heading for a great upliftment that leads to full consciousness and your elevation to become a Galactic Being.

Go about your daily routines with a positive attitude, and do not let fear enter into your thoughts. You must know by now that your future is assured, and that the Divine Plan for your civilization and Mother Earth cannot fail. So do not succumb to the attempts of the dark Ones to distract you from your path. They are in fact torn apart by the sudden rise in consciousness, and the growing awareness of how they have controlled and enslaved you. You are seeking the truth in all matters, and indeed it shall set you free. Your trust has been badly abused by those who should have worked for your best interests instead of their own. They have been found out for what they really are, and their days are numbered. Soon there will be dramatic changes that will allow for extensive changes where major governments are concerned. Very little will advance until you have the right people leading you into the final period before Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and remain the spokesperson for one group that represents the Galactic Federation, and guides you ever onwards.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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