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Message from SaLuSa, May 25, 2011 by Mike Quinsey

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Message from SaLuSa, May 25, 2011 by Mike Quinsey

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Date: Wednesday, 25-May-2011 06:34:05

SaLuSa, May 25, 2011

There are signs all around you that are indicating the nearness of Disclosure, and when the latest information is meant to make the public domain ways are going to be found to achieve it. Even your dark Ones deliberately leak secrets when they feel it is in their interests, but that is sometimes purely for the purpose of preparing you in advance for one of their false flag attacks. Needless to say, they also as a matter of course spread disinformation to confuse those who seek the truth. Trust your intuition as by now you should be aware of their tactics, and if you are well informed you will have a good idea of what should be set aside. Currently the scene is set for Disclosure to come out, and our allies are ready to push for the first ideal opportunity to go ahead. So after all of the waiting the event that will “launch the boat” of revelations about us, is set to sail. Much is already known about us, but for the majority of people our story will cause much astonishment and disbelief. However, the truth must come out and cannot be held back any longer, the secrecy and denial about us has gone on for far too long. The more that is known about us, the easier it will be to obtain a general acceptance of our presence. We can then organize the many changes that must take place without further delay.

The energies continue to reach you from many sources outside of Earth, and they are helping both you and Mother Earth to rise up much quicker than ever before. Always the object of whatever happens is to focus you upon Ascension, and ensure that the preparations are in line with your needs. In that respect we are more than happy, as in spite of the delaying tactics of the dark Ones everything is on course for completion as planned. The Light is in control and allows matters to find their own pathway forward, but always with the end time in mind. Our activities are directed towards achieving success without the necessity to enter into any form of confrontation with the dark Ones. By our standards and with our far advanced technologies it is unnecessary. We can be firm and use our divine authority when the occasion calls for it. So please accept that no matter what scenario is presented to you, we are fully aware of what is happening and in control.

Your civilization continues to see how ineffective the efforts are that have been made to prevent Earth changes. The cleansing cannot be stopped as it is vitally necessary, but as we have informed you on many occasions we are allowed to lessen the affects upon you. In recent times we have been active where the Gulf Oil spill was concerned, and also the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The only souls to leave as a result of any such events, will have arranged it as part of their life plan. We know that idea seems almost unbelievable, but the transition is quick and any fear experienced at the time is removed as soon as they arrive in Nirvana. Death is not as many envisage and you are quickly reunited with your loved ones.

So what should you be doing as you anticipate and await the inevitable changes. We would suggest you try to keep your mind on the coming benefits and certainly focus on Ascension. There will be distractions for a time, but when we appear before you, your attention will be directed towards positive changes and you will be able to participate in some ways. Those of you with knowledge about us will be able to assist others in coming to terms with what is happening. Indeed, there is no reason why you should not do that now, as we value your help and therefore encourage you to be open about matters. Even although there is a time coming when we will speak to the masses, that personal touch will mean so much more. It is helpful if all people begin to keep an open mind about what they hear or see, and do not jump to conclusions. There are still those who have strong beliefs that do not allow for our presence, and will refuse to believe in our reasons for coming to you. It will clearly take time to soften their approach, and create acceptable answers that will help them feel at ease about us.

You will no doubt understand why your freewill choice is so carefully honored. Even God does not force Gods will upon you, but there are laws that are applied should it cause harm to others, or interfere with their freewill. Yet as you evolve and set your sights on returning to the higher dimensions, you learn that there comes a stage where you gladly accept the Will of God. It becomes the most natural and desirable advancement, as you become a Being of Light. However, your present concern is to take the golden opportunity that beckons to leave duality for good. It is but a small step upward in the context of time as you understand it, but a vastly important experience that will bring benefit to many souls in the future. Here you are today so near to a quantum leap forward, that you have been preparing for since you commenced the long journey from out of the darkness. It is perhaps as well that you do not remember the details of every life experienced since that time. All that matters now are your immediate efforts to hold your focus upon Ascension, as it is going to change you beyond your expectations.

We of the Galactic Federation are helping you close the gap between what you are now, and will be when you acquire full consciousness. The sooner we can invite you to join us as equal partners, the quicker we can move onto the next journey that will take us into other Galaxies and Universes. They seem to be never ending, as there is no end to creation as we see it. Can you imagine the numberless opportunities that lie before you, as there is certainly no limit to the adventures that you can take? Life is everywhere around you at different stages of evolution, and it is our role to serve others who like you are now are making their way through the different dimensions. It is exciting and rewarding and in no way imposed upon you. We are after all not the only organization that exists at our level. Yet we are of a size that you would find unimaginable, comprising many millions of personnel. Yes, they are all ascended Beings and would not otherwise be allowed to join us.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am pleased to note that the Light is increasing on Earth. It augurs well for your final steps towards Ascension, and is your assurance that it will be reached as planned. We love you, and your great intent to complete your time on Earth with the victory over the dark Ones.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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