Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit


Church of Fire International
Kingwood, Texas


January 13, 2011

"Just watch Me thrust you forward with the help of no man, for no man will glory in what I have placed down in you. I will establish the work I have called you to. You have felt all alone and yet I have never left your side, you have looked toward man and not toward me, I am not a man to forsake you. As you look to Me and rely completely on Me, I will respond and I will say now is your time to be launched because I can no longer hold back from My people what I have placed down in you.

Brace yourself for take-off and understand I have put you in a position where no man will be able to say 'I established him, I established her, I made their way.' You have been left alone for this very reason, every road you walked down that ended up blocked was because no man can glory in the giftings and calling I have placed in you. This year you face your final transition and you go forth in the work I ordained for you from the foundation of the earth.

I will begin to speak to the willing vessels to open doors, even doors that were previously closed, it will be out of a renewed obedience to my voice that these doors will now be opened. Come close to me and know my voice for you will need increased discernment and wisdom for this time, not every door is from me but many will be. You are being released to go forth now without hindrance to do the work I am setting before you. I will do what no man, including yourself, could accomplish in their.

Do not miss what I have for you, do not miss this open heaven above your life, do not miss these open doors, for this is but for a time. Do not miss what I have for you to walk through, what I have for you to receive and what I have for you to pour out to others. Do not slumber beyond the open door." says the Lord.

"Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit" says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6)

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Unknown said...

Amen. We draw near to you Lord, would you establish us to do more that we could have hoped or achieved on our own. The time is short. Amen