Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dinar Intel Update - 5-3-11

We are getting some good intel. I think we need to start packing our bags! (thinking out loud) God bless! ~~s.

[PaPaJack1952] Hey everyone Athena Just got a call that everything is still a go for today they call him back at 11:30 pst to up date him that we should see the RV at that time he said it will Just show up in the Banks and forex at that time athena just said it would be today

[9:34:10 AM] [athena] If anything changes I will let you all know

[bluwolf] So far we wait but all involve state that today is the day

[athena] but as of last night everything still says today

[bluwolf] My people are gathering info I will inform

[bjj (Barb)] Maybe around 2 pm EST today??? just thinking outloud.

[bluwolf] Bj yes

[Longfellow] I'm working on verifying a few things this morning. Long night last night. Lots of good things and everything is very positive

9:41 AM [duckyboy] Longfellow so, with the lowest auction, the 000s gone, a party looks pretty good!

9:42 AM [Longfellow] ILOVEMYLIFE Great questions to finalize a few minor details

9:43 AM [ILOVEMYLIFE] Athena and Bluwolf are suggesting this afternoon for an RV....would you agree?

9:43 AM [Longfellow] duckyboy Things look very good but this thing is very complex so I go in with cautious optimism

9:43 AM [dinarmakethrich] Longfellow so Shabibi party is still a GO no cancellations?

9:44 AM [Longfellow] dinarmakethrich Working to verify that now, but haven't heard it's off. So we wait and see

11:52 AM [Longfellow] Folks I will be heading to Italy for few weeks. You won't be hearing much from me and I wanted to wish you all the best. Enjoy the ride. I received some very good advice from a very wealthy man. He told me to write down the type of person I wanted to be once I had money and to read it every day. I would encourage all of you to the same. Remember that money is not the answer to happiness and where much is given, much is expected. I would hope we all will decide right now that when this blessing comes that we will use it for good and for helping others who are less fortunate than we are. God Speed Friends. Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!

[POPPY2] oneview u r w and i think we are in store for much more encouraging words very soon i have made two midnight drives this week where i go out and praise god and for everyone here and on all the chats and all that we hear of in bad situations from the people involved. We are chosen for some purpose to be here and to be blessed my prayer are that we can decern what that purpose is and be prepared to fullfill that purpose. I for the health happiness joy prosperity and the leadership of iraq to make good decisions for their people. They will become the financial mecca of the world poppy2

12:12 PM [peachee] [POPPY2] elsie I HAVE A THEORY given to me last week when the auctions dropped this was supplied by a couple of financial annalist . they think the number of banks stayed the same which was true ? they said the ammount dropped to 1/3rd the norm then they said ok what if they are distributing the loer denoms and the banks are paying with larger denoms and reciving the lower denom in return at the new rv'ed bank rate and all being done internally in country that same 1/3 has continued for 5 auctions now. It would apeer if theis is right then as low as it was today all the banks must be stocked up at this point and the RV could be implemented and released today ith no in country negative impact. Poppy2 now i am just delivering their theory not mine but it does have the right figures for this to be true if just over the $3.00 rate ?? Poppy2

[POPPY2] skyhawk i dont think that is a huge influence on the rv dr. Shabibi said he needed one thing to start the rv and that was the vote to reclaim the 3 zero money and according to reports yesterday he got that so the next step was for him to contact the imf and the bis and tell them to impliment the rv process which will be logistically released by the bis along with all the other currencies and the auctions are just preparation for the release that has been placed in process as all intel shows. The auctions are just a indicator poppy2

[POPPY2] bobbyb YOU GUYS CAN KEEP INCLUDING AND CALLING FOR THE MINISTERS BUT THEY HAVE ZERO TO DO WITH THE RV ???? DR SHABIBI THE ONLY person in iraq that has not ever lied to us stated that 3 time that they have zero to do with him rving . I have absolute personal contact that they have all been set and voted n since feb2. and also have confirmed personal contact direct from the minister of security from last month so all that is smoke the rv lies with the vote of approval from parliment and the relkease from dr shabibi to the imf and bis to turn it loose poppy

[R&R] Here's my take on the auctions. The auctions are the CBI's way of raising capital and putting currency in circulation. The auctions are now anemic. This, IMHO, mean one of two things: (a) they have no more currency to distribute (large denoms), or (b) they are stopping the sale of large denoms in anticipation of being giving authorization to auction the lower denoms. If Shabibi knows that the RV is coming, there is no reason for him to keep selling the country's currency only to have to buy it back at a 3,000% markup in a day or two. That makes no sense. Instead, sell a small float to day-to-day and keep reducing it until authorization comes to release small denoms. This is why Frank alluded to the auctions decreasing in size to be so significant.

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