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For months now I have been attempting to bring the facts to light as to the real purpose behind Tim Turner’s Fantasy Republic. I exposed the connection between Turner and the international money launderer who works for the DOJ, Tama Puna, a citizen of New Zealand. I published the correspondence between Turner and Richard Murray which clearly establishes who is the guilty party regardless of Turner’s claims.
I uncovered and made public the “rescue mission” put together by Tim Turner, CW Wright and Carl Sedlak to snatch the two FBI fugitives, John Michael and Julianne Dimitrion aka “Little Brother”, out of Hawaii last July 3rd, with the unwitting help of some of the good people in the Hawaii assembly. I have shared with all of you the purpose both Puna and Dimitrion had in helping Turner to attempt the high jacking of the 5 Star Trust. I have shared conversations between me, the FBI and others on these issues.
There have been countless outrageous and inappropriate email conversations in which Turner has attacked every single person who has ever raised a legitimate or reasonable question or objection to his actions and many have been published here. Also published here have been court documents and testimony from those Turner has damaged. All of us know the classic tactics of the de facto, chief among them to always attack the messenger and never address this issue but the number one rule is to label the questioner and accuse them of the very crime you are committing against them.
Before I share the final piece of this nightmare puzzle let me point something out. The list of people who have questioned boldly and demanded truth and proof is now a long one and without exception they have been attacked, demonized and labeled with the same tired rhetoric. Exactly, not similarly, but exactly in the same way the extremists in the Obama Nation do every day. From me and Mike Higgins in the beginning to several governors, representatives, senators, justices and now Jim Wright and Terry Hubbard the accusations are always the same.
• Bush 41 plant
• CIA plant
• Satanic
• Luciferian
• Demon spirited
• Well Funded Organized Satanic Luciferian de facto Bush 41 Cabal (my personal favorite)

Turner has made the claim publicly that “God is in this only as long as he is president”. His minions spout his nonsense over and over with never a single shred of proof to any claim against the people being attacked. He has accused ministers, businessmen, community leaders, and ordinary honorable people and seems to have particular venom for intelligent women. He has used the people’s faith to manipulate them and hides behind God to carry out his plans.
While Nathan Peachey squeezes money out of innocent people for his own use in the name of the Republic, Turner looks the other way. While Kelby Smith runs his bogus mortgage frauds, Turner looks the other way. While Jim Fitzgerald topples state government structures when governors don’t tow the company line, Turner looks the other way. While CW tells the people that nobody who can’t prove with three witnessed documents they are born again Christians can ever vote or hold office in the Republic and shreds the first amendment, Turner looks the other way, always keeping himself shielded with plausible deniability.
Turner has claimed each time he attacked an honorable person that he is in possession of CIA evidence proving they are whatever label he is placing on them but nobody has ever seen it. Why? Because, it does not exist. Nobody can know that better than me, a flat broke Georgia grandmother living one day to the next not knowing if I will still have a roof over my head tomorrow. I know who I am and I know I am not on ANY PAYROLL from anybody. I know my beloved friend and ex Republic senator is an honorable man who devotes his time and energy on family and the study of God’s word and as far removed from the Bush Cabal as each of you are but as long as Turner keeps the people mesmerized with his fake claim to Christianity and just as fake claims to documentation, it is effective. Those who are most at risk are those who will not entertain even the possibility that he is lying. Therefore they have never been to this blog. They have never heard the words of those being attacked. They are insulating themselves against the truth and by doing so enabling Turner to complete his mission at their expense.
What I did not know until this week is how it all fits together. What that last piece of the puzzle which completes the picture is.
I shared with you when Carl Sedlak went to one of the original funders , J.B., claiming that Turner, CW and the rest of the California Vipers Nest had been removed from the Republic and he wanted a lunch meeting to discuss funding the Republic under new leadership. I also shared with you that we were able to prove to J.B that he was lying.
A few weeks ago I shared with you that Turner had publicly called J.B. a Reptilian Extraterrestrial when J.B. told him to take a hike after finding out how utterly unfit, uneducated and unable Turner was. Now Turner is so desperate for funding or any proof of it that he has gone begging to J.B. again, claiming once again that CW and the rest of the California Vipers Nest has been gotten rid of and national has been rebuilt. Of course my having a direct line to J.B. enabled me to provide him proof that Turner was once again lying. J.B. refused to speak with him or have a lunch meeting. The desperation must have finally sent Turner OFF THE RESERVATION because in the last two days he contacted J.B. yet again. This time he revealed that final piece of the puzzle.
A few nights ago Turner said on a senate call that all 50 states are seated. This of course is impossible without using the documents and signatures of hundreds of people who have left and rescinded theirs. Many have demanded their original paperwork returned to them. These demands have not been met. He further stated the funding was coming from the NESARA PACKAGES! Never mind that John MacHaffie would sooner see Turner six feet under than allow him to receive a red cent of NESARA money. What you need to understand here is that the money in the NESARA PACKAGES is also contained in one of the hundreds of accounts which make up the 5 Star Trust. Remember that as I share the rest.
What else is in those hundreds of accounts? Hmmmm let’s see;
• All the illicit drug money gleaned from Laos since 1967 by the Bush/Clinton cabal.
• The illicit drug money gleaned from U.S. DEA operations run by the CIA controlled by Bush 41 and Dick Cheney
• The illicit DTC accounts
• The stolen money from the stimulus bills, TARP and other sources from within the U.S. also stolen by Bush, Clinton and now Obama.
• Stolen in ground assets and gold from countries around the world.
• Stolen oil money.
• And much, much more.
This is where the final piece comes in. In the last few days Tim Turner called J.B. again to beg for money. He told J.B. that he had “TURNED OVER THE REPUBLIC TREASURY TO MARLIN McCALL”. Some of you may know who McCall is but for those of you who don’t:
Marlin McCall is a CIA operative who is also an international criminal and the signatory for General R., who runs the BIS Bank in Norway. General R. is none other than Bush 41’s BOSS! He is Cheney’s boss and ultimately Obama’s boss by extension. There is no doubt now as to who Turner’s boss is. There are no chips in his brain, there is has been no psy-ops performed on him. He is acutely aware of what he is and has been doing.
Aside from being CIA and working directly for the General, McCall is a very nasty individual with a homicidal vent. He has been directly responsible for death and destruction and seems to enjoy his job very much. He is a Singapore citizen at present operating under a visa when in the states. He is by marriage part of the Taiwanese Royal Family. Some of his handy work is in defrauding people. Some time ago he was charging people fifty thousand dollars apiece for an interest in the Taiwanese gold which was of course, never for sale. He is well known for stealing trade assets for his bosses and making it appear as though the trading platform owners are at fault. It is rumored that he is also an illegitimate offspring of General R. but I haven’t seen the proof of that. Even if he wasn’t a direct employee of the Bush 41 cabal, he is a foreigner and Turner has just admitted to turning over the Republic Treasury to him? How does that fit with de jure Republic?

General R. was put into his seat of power directly by the Rothschilde’s. Now that explains Turner’s association with the Rothschild nephew, (forget denying that Turner, too many witnesses now).
Now re-visit the list of labels above which Turner continually places on those with enough discernment to smell a rat. There are Luciferian Bush 41 plants alright and Turner is the King. Those of you still buying the “God sent me” routine go back to your bible and see what God says about Lucifer. He is charming. He is persuasive. He will appear as a shepherd to lead his flock. And you will follow him if you are not very careful!
Turner claims to be traveling on his own money but we know for certain he has no money left of his own. He has even gone through all the silver coins he bamboozled out of the people around the country at his seminars so where is this traveling money coming from? At the root of every effective lie is a shred of truth;
• He has foreign support…. True the Rothschild’s
• He has military support… CIA Airforce handlers (Dick Cheney).
• There are de facto plants in the Republic… He should know right?
Think hard on the history of RAP and the Republic. Go back and reverse engineer all that has taken place. It is as clear as the waters of the Caribbean that Turner was brought in to dismantle RAP and build the data base of patriots for his Satanic handlers. Read all my previous articles and then DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE and take those blinders off while you still can.
I received information earlier today that CBS 60 Minutes is going to do a hit piece on the Sovereign Citizen movement this Sunday May 15th featuring Jerry Kane and Alfred Adask. I am not an Adask follower so I won’t weigh in with opinion there but I remind those of you who know; I have owned for the past 18 years a mobile DJ company although I closed it when I moved to Georgia. As a result I am pretty darned good at analyzing and editing video. After very carefully doing so with the video released after the Kane shooting I discovered a few very interesting details.
• The camera was not one but two dash cams
• The footage was spliced from one dash cam to the other and back again
• There was no sound
• The door to the car in which Kane and his son were traveling was left open as the boy got out. The rather large dog that was up to that point jumping wildly around in the car did not move when the boy exited the car nor did it make any movement to go to his owner’s protection! It was a still shot superimposed behind the boy’s action.
Make what you will of what I have shared but for me it is proof that the video footage was falsified and that’s enough for me to dismiss every detail of the report which came out of Tennessee.
The point here is that the game is wrapping up. It’s quite obvious that Turner has been unable to deliver unto Caesar that which Caesar demands, hundreds of thousands of patriots. He has failed miserably on his mission. He has made an ass of himself in print and in voice and the handlers are done playing. I am not at all surprised that he is hiding out in California as it is just too hot around his home town now but I don’t think it takes much imagination to realize that the Rothschild’s, the CIA and the Bush cabal will not leave a witness to their crimes much less a pathetically inept operative like Turner to talk.
In any case, congratulations to those who have awakened even if not totally and taken steps to protect themselves from what is coming. THE FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE REVEALS THE HIDDEN PICTURE!
Disclaimer; I have always and will continue to protect my sources unless given specific permission to divulge their identifications. So don’t ask.


Anonymous said...

what does this tell you about MR. TUNNERS people like GENE EXUM !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep it figures. John how can i rescind my signature with these people?

John MacHaffie said...

Have you all noticed how the truth is finally coming out about these characters. How dare they try to destroy the TRUE REPUBLIC which has been restored by the military.

Per that commentary about me said by TT --- this is just another example of his delusional mindset. Never said that nor have that intention. For what he did to the people -- I am sure there are remedies in the common law court for Tim Turner.

And how about all those sheep that criticize and attacked me for telling the truth. Told you before and I tell you again ----


Anonymous said...

Thanks, John. We love you and God bless you in every way!

Exposing Tim Turner for the FRAUD HE IS said...

Congratulations for taking a stand against such delusional egomaniacs as Turner et al. He should be tarred and feathered!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER FOLLOWED ANY OF TIM TUNER'S TEACHING - HIS ENERGY DIDN'T SINK RIGHT. Perhaps he detested women because women have a mother's six sense - we can smell rat miles away as we can also sense sincerity. I also noted - as one who specializes in analyzing safety-net policies, his paperwork and of a notary public who promoted Tim seemed really off. Next thing i know, the notary public filed false claims in secret into the court against my interest. I learned of it and filed counter suit for conspiracy against rights, fraud and the likes....

As John says - WAKE UP!

Tune up your senses, look for evidence and be the judge. It's time we stop being victims to flowery appearances/words. Let the value within speak louder than any mundane appearance - accept for value, return for value! We the people accept nothing but loving truth. No more fraud and conspiracy and or trespass therein against life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness!!!

by: Concerns4Us

Anonymous said...

hey john,
do u have any more info on the true republic u spoke of?

John MacHaffie said...

anon 9:48 - My military sources are keeping tight lipped for now.

TLGA said...

For the papers to rescind signatures go to my blog and download "Let it be known" and the instructions for it and if you have held office in this dog and pony show, also use the "Affidavit of Fact" and instructions. These docs are on the right side.

I have now uncovered a cherry on top of the final piece of the puzzle and will make that known just as soon as I hear from a couple more people. There is a good reason many people are glassy eyed cool aid drinkers and can't seem to wake up.

As John says We The People do have honorable military working to restore this country. Unfortunately there is also a powerful faction working against us within the joint chiefs of staff. They are determined to cause a massive catastrophe in this nation which can be blamed on patriots or muslims they don't care which.

Caution, today starts a massive Homeland Security/FEMA so called training exercise in 8 states along the New Madrid Fault. Alabama,Arkansas,Mississippi,Missouri,Tennessee,Indiana,Illinois,Kentucky. Remember they have had more than 800 thousand DETAINEE HANDBOOKS printed and delivered to them on April 29th. They have purchased billions of dollars in dehydrated food. Training???? By placing a nuclear device at the base of one of those levee's being blown the New Madrid fault could easily be triggered. My information is that it was already tried once and thwarted. Don't panic and play into their hands. Do not forfeit your arms if you have them. Do not get on a bus or other conveyance to allow them to take you to a "safe facility" (FEMA CAMP).

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I always know what spirit lives in a person by one small easy question. Was this blog done out of love? Love is the only way to know the true spirit of our one and only God, Creator above. Really look into this blog and ask yourself after reading every word, "was this done out of love?" Much love and blessings to all out there. May you be blessed in all you do.

David said...

What the hell, His energy didn't sink right? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look, either a person shows good fruits or bad, that is what it is about. So far I have not seen anything bad about Tim Turner. He is not playing some space cadet pretending to hear from angels or God, but walking in wisdom the best he knows how and sure shows more knowledge than all you new age idiots. And what he is doing is not his work, it is all the republics work, so take the focus off of Tim already. The people of the Republic still go on with out him, which shows that it is ran by the people and for the people not by a one man team. I am not even of the Republic that they are building and I can see this. Whoever you guys are that are blogging on this website have got to be the most ignorant one individual I have ever seen. You claim to know God, but are greatly deceived by your fu fu teachings and so called meditations and consulting demons.