Friday, May 6, 2011

Fulford - In new end-game sign, top level Satanist assassination team has been disbanded

Last week an Asian professional assassin contacted with White Dragon Society to inform it that a team of assassins that had been sub-contracting for the Khazarian Satanists in Asia has been disbanded. The Khazarians are now having great difficulty hiring assassins worldwide because the assassins who worked for ideological reasons will no longer do so, he and others said. In addition, assassins who were working under duress (if you do not kill that person we will kill your family) have also now teamed up and are refusing to kill journalists, politicians, social activists and others they used to kill on behalf of the Khazarian Satanists. The back-drop to this was the defection of a major Nazi secret power group from the Khazarian camp.
In addition to this a group known as the international red swastika socialists has agreed to join the White Dragon Society in the battle against the Satanist faction within the Vatican hierarchy. The Red Swastika Socialists invited this writer to their Japan headquarters in the posh Ginza district of Tokyo where he was shown ancient symbols from a civilization that they claim preceded all civilizations now active on earth. He said their group wanted to harmonize all the world’s major religions including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. General Douglas McArthur and the accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry have been affiliated with this group, according to one of their leaders.
This group is also behind the Chinese communist government meaning that no major Chinese faction is now working with the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate Washington D.C. regime. This is why Chinese government officials have recently publicly announced such things as that they will sell off two-thirds of their US dollar holdings and buy $1 trillion worth of gold.
In another major development, President Gadaffi of Libya has agreed to hand over his foreign dollar holdings to a Pentagon faction aligned with the White Dragon Society. For this reason, most pentagon forces have been abstaining from attacks against his regime.
The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, for their part, are still hoping to announce a new global currency and new financial system under the control of the IMF. This would amount to nothing more than changing the nameplates on the current Satanic system so this announcement is doomed to failure.
The true Christians within the Vatican have also made a move to isolate the Satanists meaning the end game is truly near. There is more we know about this situation but are not allowed to report at the present time in order to protect lives.
In Japan meanwhile, the White Dragon Society was contacted by a whistle-blower within the organization that smuggled the suit-case nuclear bomb that was used to trigger the earthquake and tsunami attack against Japan.
According to this source (he is a known smuggler from way back) the bomb was brought in to a remote Island in the Okinawan archipelago before being brought in by boat to Kyushu, Japan. From there it was transported overland before being deposited at a house in Hi No De town outside of Tokyo. From there it was taken to the headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents of Japan in downtown Tokyo.
After that it was taken aboard the deep ocean-bottom drilling ship the Chikyu Maru where it was placed ten kilometers under the seabed right smack in the middle of the earthquake epicenter, according to multiple sources. Japanese newspaper articles confirm the Chikyu Maru was drilling at the epicenter as early as January 17, 2011. Other articles have quoted Chikyu Maru officials as saying in the past the ship could trigger earthquakes, ostensibly to prevent bigger earthquakes.
Former Japanese defense ministers have contacted the White Dragon Society and promised that a thorough investigation into the matter was being conducted. However, the trail has already been confirmed to lead to US Senator J. Rockefeller and his Khazarian Satanist overlords. Needless to say, Senator Rockefeller is now in deep hiding.
A purge of Japanese officials who worked for the Khazarian Satanists is also now beginning to gather steam. For example, Japanese news articles explicitly wrote that Rockefeller Stooge Democratic Party power broker Ichiro Ozawa would be excluded from the earthquake reconstruction profits. This is because it is common knowledge in Japanese political circles that J. Rockefeller’s envoy promised Ozawa control over radiation cleaning Zeolite deposits on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear “accident.” This is just the beginning. The end result will be a major political re-alignment in Japan.
There are many other signs out there that the attempt by the so-called New World Order faction to create a global fascist government is collapsing.
The absence of former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as Obama and many others from Prince William’s wedding invitation list is one. The sudden announcement in the Khazarian propaganda media that long-dead Bin Laden was dead, was another. The publishing of a birth certificate by Obama showing that he was born in a Hawaiian hospital that did not exist at the time of his birth was yet another.
The collapse of the old regime is expected to continue to accelerate until June 21st or so.


Anonymous said...

"He said their group wanted to harmonize all the world’s major religions including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism."

The world's religions cannot be harmonized. They do not agree with one another, period. This foolish dream of world-wide religious "unity" is part of the game played by tyrant one-worlders who thirst to control.

The only way to SEEM to achieve this goal is to work to destroy the world's religions, synthesizing them into some other, controlled, entity.

Sound good?

Flygirl_48 said...

The part where he says, The true Christians in the Vatican are moving to isolate them is no different from the Fed Res wanting to bring in their new money under the banner of the IMF is an oxy moron, because there is no difference between the two. Concidering they sit in the Vatican, that harboured stolen Money from Americans. You cannot Biblically have your feet in two camps and claim yourself to be Christian. Period!!!