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Message from SaLuSa, May 16, 2011

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Message from SaLuSa, May 16, 2011 by Mike Quinsey

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Date: Monday, 16-May-2011 06:38:58

SaLuSa, May 16, 2011

Matters are quickly leading you to a time of changes, that will enable our promises to you to be fulfilled. It has taken immense time to create the opportunities that provide us with progress towards our goals. With opposition from the dark Ones we try to stealthily move towards our objectives without their knowledge. The sheer size of our tasks makes that almost impossible, but unlike our allies we can operate without being seen. Both our craft and its occupants can be cloaked with invisibility, and that gives us a distinct advantage when we enter the “lions den”. It has been quite useful when needing to be present when dark Ones have held their secret meetings, and it does not matter where they take place as they cannot prevent us being there. We cannot always act on what we learn because as we have explained previously, there are karmic issues involved that you as a civilization have to experience. You often set the stage without realizing it and it is important that you see the outcome of decisions you have made. If you really understood that even your thoughts mould your reality, you might be more careful in this respect.

You originally became aware of the benefits that are planned for you through NESARA, and it helped considerably to awaken people to the potential of a New Age. It promoted ideas that would have been considered impossible not very long ago. However, it stirred the imagination of many people, who could see that there were others ways that Humanity could live in comparative comfort. Certainly the idea that there were answers to overcome poverty, and provide all with a reasonable standard of living was a new concept. NESARA inspired people to find a way of manifesting its proposals, and out of it was born a powerful movement for change. It was taken up by us with the permission of St.Germain who is responsible for the World Trust Fund. Together with our allies, the Ascended Masters and many Dear Ones who support the cause, you are near to experiencing the first of many beneficial changes. It is an exercise in co-operation, that has been taken up by many individuals on the Internet that has swelled our numbers. It clearly shows what can be done when people awaken to the truth, and allow their Light and Love to take over.

Time is passing at a faster rate than previously, and that is proof of how the whole process of Ascension is speeding ahead. With the recognition that your consciousness levels are also increasing, you hardly need reassuring that everything is proceeding well. The earth changes are becoming more frequent and so it will continue, as there is still much to do. In this connection we are keen to assist you in dealing with the consequences, and that is best handled by our being with you. We are totally prepared and have been so for a long time. Our presence will show that our intentions are honorable, and that we come to you as friends.

We know that many of you have a great desire to join us, and you will do so as Galactic Beings. However, first you must reach the required levels of consciousness, and as time passes that will become easier. There are many high points of energy that allow for an increase in your vibrational levels, and as an evolving Being of Light you will attract them to yourselves. It has been ongoing for many years now, and all part of the Divine Plan to help you ascend. Do not let up now or be distracted with such a little time to go. Allow for events to occur that might not be of the Light, knowing that these are but the final acts arising out of the old energies that are now being cleared from the Earth. Hold on to your visions for the future and in this way help manifest them. You the Lightworkers have important roles to play, and we encourage you to spread the truth wherever you are able. It is not by forcing your opinion on to people, but simply relating the truth for the discernment of others.

The movement of people and animals is taking place on an unprecedented scale, and is a clear indication that the end times are well under way. All will eventually find themselves where they are intended to be, so do not be concerned about the events taking place around you. Your individual destiny is assured regardless of what you experience, and it is not too important because you will still ascend. The whole object of this current period is to get as many souls as possible ready for Ascension. Many Guides support each one, and they are constantly at your side waiting the opportunity to help you. Acknowledge their presence and call them to service on your behalf. They will serve you and accompany you for the final period of this cycle. Remember that sometimes what you want, and what you think you need are often quite different things.

However, in time whatever you lack now will come your way, as it is our intention to raise you all up to a level where you are comfortable and safe. Where you can live a happy and content life, and apply yourselves to the task of getting ready for Ascension. For too long you have been led to believe that poverty and hunger are acceptable living conditions. That has been imposed upon you by the dark Ones, who in their own reality live lives of plenty at your expense. The fair distribution of wealth is so essential to creating equality and a happy society, where each person feels valued and loved. That shall take place and it will not be long before these issues are addressed. There is so much happening in your world right now, and the way forward will soon become apparent.

Once disclosure is announced we must become known to you and enter your lives, as we are essential to the program for clearing up your Earth and putting a stop to further destruction. You cannot do it alone as the tasks are beyond you, particularly in your present state of disruption and chaos. Fortunately it can be handled quickly and efficiently once we are able to freely move amongst you. That we must arrange through your representatives, but it must be at a time when the new governmental appointments have already been made. All is proceeding along these lines and it will not be too long before some announcements are made.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and once again pleased to come to you and tell you of the current situation.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


Anonymous said...

Please forward to SaLuSa

We need the GFL now, the US is trying to pass an act to start world war 3 and to make it legal to imprison innocent people for speaking out against governments, this new act will treat the imprisonment of innocent people as military prisoners, which is even worse than the current anti-terror custody laws.

At the same time they are also trying to pass an act which will censor the internet and ban sites like this, or any site which goes against the official media lies.

I understand that Karma will not allow the GFL to intervene, but how many of us need to give the GFL permission before this Karma law does not matter?

As the changing energies brought in from the Universal underword wave accelerate and we approach the 3rd day on this calendar, the dark ones are stepping up their game to try and keep the less aware asleep and it seems are designing ways to put the more aware in custody.

If this message could be passed on it would be appreciated, as I am speaking for a good few hundred thousand people who are aware of the changing energies and of the GFL and obviously for the rest of humanity.

Thank you, peace, love and light.

Anonymous said...

Positive energy thinking of the outcome we want is the way now. This subject is a good way to test out our energy to creat. Fear is not an option anymore.